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Iโ€™ve generated 300+ High Quality leads in the last 70 days for my service. And I didn't spend even a single $ on ads. Here are my 5-step "Lead Gen" strategies to generate high-quality leads without ads. [๐Ÿงต thread]"

1. Goal Define your goal first Why you are here? For Leads? For Business? For Network? For Likes?

2. Recession-proof offer There is nothing more powerful than your offers You don't need marketing costs if your product is good A great example is @zerodhaonline. They are good at what they do

3. Traffic You can get the eyes in multiple ways Use Twitter & Linkedin Don't chase engagement on social networks, use them as marketing channels

4. Communication Communication is key Focus on audience-relevant content, Work on your profile funnel Don't rely on vanity metrics too much

5. Quality Write a QUALITY content Build a QUALITY network Engage with the right people

That's it! 5-step "Lead Generation" strategy to generate high-quality leads without ads for your service. If you enjoyed this thread: 1. Follow me โ†’ @NirmalKumard13 2. RT the first tweet in this thread

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