How I made $5000+ in the last 3 months by only creating memes from a third-world country. A thread on how $9 for my first meme changed my life.

Before we start... Be sure to RT the 👆🏻 Tweet. So max people can take advantage of it. Appreciate it! Now Let's enter the Memeverse...

I have been a part of Money Twitter for a long time. But like the 98%, it was all about scrolling, reading, and more scrolling. It was not until an idea dropped in my head from the universe. But here is how I did it (and how you can too):

One day I came across a Tweet from a BIG account and it hit me If the tweet is converted into a meme it would be so damn funny!! Hence going by the gut feeling: I created a Meme based on the tweet and Quote RTd it. The Meme got great engagement.

Hence I started repeating the same process. I would look for Tweets that are Memeable and from a BIG account. Memeability is necessary as you can't make a meme out of every tweet. Also, I choose BIG accounts as it gives me more reach when RTd.

This turned out good as I got the attention of several accounts like: @LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore The Quote memes increased my Twitter followers, Also gave me a unique name and identity in 'Money Twitter'. But still, I wasn't making any money from the memes. Now the goal was to make some. There was no one at the time earning from Memes. Hence no one to look up to.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore While my regular scrolling on 'Money Twitter' I noticed one thing: Almost every creator posted links to promote their products. Sometimes all these links would cover the whole TL. Which makes for a bad experience for the user. As no creativity is being used to stand out.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore I started asking myself questions: How can creators be more creative? How promoting a product can be fun? What can one do to stand out from competitors? and more...

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore Then it struck me why not use MEMES to market their products! As everyone finds Memes to be: 👉🏻 Funny 👉🏻 Relatable 👉🏻 Sarcastic

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore Hence I started creating Product Memes for 'Money Twitter'. Literally for the top 1% of it and then tagging them in the Tweets. This experiment turned out to be AWESOME!!! As I got a great reaction from both the creators and their audience.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore The strategy was: Product Memes → Tag Creators → Get RT'd by them → Gain engagement. Using this I got many clients for Meme Marketing. Wherein I would create Memes for creator's products. This helped me take my earnings to monthly $100s from nothing.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore It was still not good enough. As I had to create weekly just one or more memes for clients. While I was aiming for daily meme creation. Also, the cash flow was low due to less number of memes.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore But the big positive from Meme marketing was: I can earn from Memes. Now I had to work towards the next stage and that was: Earn monthly four figures from Meme Clients To earn four figures from clients: I had to find clients who require memes daily.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore To reach the next stage, I started pitching to two types of clients: 1️⃣ Who were from the web3 space like NFTs community, DAOs etc. 2️⃣ In the 'Money Twitter' side who post memes daily. Both of them posted memes for engagement or propaganda (To leave a mark on niche's psyche).

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore I would pitch them in the DMs with sample memes. Which would be related to their niche to test for free. In most cases, the clients would love the memes. Making it easy for me to close them. Using this I closed my first, second, third, etc... clients.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore Meme creation wasn't hard. It's easy as shit. It's all about putting yourself out. Make your first dollar. Close your first client. That's all you need to do to change your life.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore P.S: If you are just starting and want to make big bucks, these are your guys to follow: @abombayboy @Moneybaglives @EgoDriv @thedankoe @wizofecom I hard wired myself about money through their content.

@LifeMathMoney @BeATopPredator @writingtoriches @EdLatimore @abombayboy @Moneybaglives @EgoDriv @thedankoe @wizofecom Special shoutout to my brother @LifeMathMoney Looking back, If he never tweeted about making money online & never included my meme in his product page, I wouldn't have started this journey. You must be following him already but if not, do now. Life won't be the same for sure!

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