ECOMMERCE DROPSHIPPING: Moving to Dubai, how to get legally „tax free“ - a big 🧵 so you don’t need to make all the mistakes I made. I was scammed about 30.000 Euro when I moved there. Like this post and follow me to win 60 min of free consulting call with me 💥

1- before you move, really make sure you want to do this. Believe me, there are more important things than money or taxes. Go into yourself and think about the fact that you will do a journey abroad for a few years. Your family and friends won’t be around you that often.

2- if you decided to do it and go to Dubai, you only need to do two things to make this official: 1. go to the registration office of your home city and tell them you are moving out of your country. 2. start the visa process in uae simultaneously.

3- and there we are, the first trap is around, there are so many agencies trying to advertise their service for the whole visa stuff, and tbh most of them are doing a terrible service, at the end of the day most of the stuff you need to do by yourself.

For me it was even harder, they have just run away with my money. I was the first of my business and personal circle to move to dubai, after my terrible experience I figured out the good agencies and freezones.

Yeah you heard right, there are not only thousands of agencies there are also many free zones in uae that want you to set up a company in their zone. They have different licences, different laws, different requirements.

In the meantime I am only working together with one free zone. It is run by Germans and really doing a great services.

4- if you want to use the company actively you also need to make sure to choose the right licence. I by myself paid a penalty for that. Most of the guys have the company only to be able to get the visa and use other company structures outside of uae. My choices are usa and hk.

5- usually you fly in with your temporary business visa already and do the Emirates id etc in about one week in dubai, if you have a good service by your hand.

6- that is basically it from the official point of view. The next task is to open bank accounts in dubai - first for your business: use currenxie and payoneer here.

7- on the personal level I would recommend emirates Nbd and Citibank.

8- if you are planning to move to dubai hit me up with a Dm, I will provide you my contact for free.

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