Alks | IA | Vacation Arc

Alks | IA | Vacation Arc



Nsfw skts vampire blood Sakusa groaned at the scrap of teeth against his neck. His head fell back against the wall, the room was dim and hazy, smoke and incense curling around the room lit but the purple lights. The tease of a tongue dragged up his jaw.

Sakusa's eyes pulled open slowly, taking in the state of debauchery. Vampire Dens were always like this, a mix of low light and smoke to enhance the allure, stark lights were never good at setting the mood for blood sharing.

The vampire in his lap shifted, he hadn't yet bitten down. A newbie then. Sakusa exhaled slowly, exposing his neck a little further. The unease was obvious, Sakusa couldn't help but think how recent the change had been.

He'd been attending this den for a while, the act of offering his blood taking the edge off a stressful week at work. It'd turned into a ritual. Sometimes he'd have the same vampire, other times it was something passing through. Each time the aphrodisiac would leave him boneless

but he hadn't found /the one/. His eyes dragged across the room, trying to pass the time as the vampire figured out how they wanted to bite. His eyes settled on blonde hair stained purple in the light, a woman was in his lap her head on his shoulder, mark and blood dripping

in clear view. Sakusa swallowed.A heat seared across his throat. Sakusa's eyes fluttered shut, the tension in his spine unfurling as the stress was drunk away. He looked through his lashes, hungry red eyes looking at him from across the room.Sakusa's body twitched with interest

His vision zeroed in, focusing on the blonde as the vampire in his lap finally began to drink. His entire body was filled with honey, molten and boneless, the gaze keeping him pinned to his seat. He couldn't help but think about the blonde taking a bite out of him.

A noise escaped him at the thought. He watched a smirk curl at the blonde's lips, stained fangs flashing against his lips. Sakusa wanted them against his skin. He barely noticed when the vampire in his lap stopped drinking, pulling from his lap and bowing.

He gave Sakusa space to recover, but he couldn't move as the other vampire shuffled away. He was pinned under the smouldering stare, the feeling in his limbs floating. It was sakusa's watch buzzing on his wrist that finally pulled his gaze. The alarm to remind him about dinner.

Reality came back into focus and he forced himself to stand, adjusting the collar of his shirt and re-tieing his tie. As he made his way out of the Den he couldn't help but look back. Red eyes were one him, even as the blonde drank from the woman in his lap.

Sakusa's skin burned. When he returned the following week, he made his way to the Maître D, offering his membership. "Welcome back." Sakusa nodded. There was a pause from the computer. "It seems you've been requested in a private room."

Sakusa frowned. The young vampire again? But most informed him if they'd want to drink from him again. Additionally, the private room was new. He'd attended one a few times, nervous drinkers wanting privacy or those that got a little too into the aphrodisiac aspect of drinking

He simply nodded, he'd have to educate the youngling later. "Right this way."The Maître D said, leading Sakusa down a hall to the left of the main room, dim lights and shimmering accents framing the way.They stopped at the last door, the Maître D knocking before opening the door

He stood to the side, letting Sakusa step inside before closing the door behind him. No doors had locks within the Den for safety precautions. Sakusa walked into the room.

Couches wide enough to lay on frames the three walls, a table with two glasses & a bottle of champagne iced in a bucket stood in the centre. The lighting here was different, dimmer but golden, flickering off the metallic embroidery and beading.

"Yer here." The rumble of an unfamiliar voice stepped up behind him. Sakusa stilled, turning his head slowly. Blonde hair and red eyes filled his vision. Sakusa's heart stilled for a moment in his chest. "You requested me." Sakusa figured it was the best way to start.

The vampire hummed. "I did." "Why." A smirk and a hint of fangs, "Why not?" Sakusa's eyes narrowed. "I don't have time for this." He turned, about to push past and leave the room. An iron grip on his bicep stopped him. Sakusa glared, whipping his arm away.

The blonde held up his hands in surrender. "Apologies, that was impolite of me." Sakusa was glaring. "We're gettin' off on the wrong foot. I'm Atsumu." Sakusa said nothing as he took in the offered hand. He made no move to touch it. "And you are?"

Sakusa looked up at red eyes. "Sakusa." Atsumu dropped his hand. "There we go. And as for the room, well... let's just say you caught my eye last week and I wanted to try a taste." Sakusa's skin tingled, his breath a little short. To be requested...He swallowed slowly.

"What do ya say?" Sakusa's hand twitched. "Why the private room?" The smirk on Atsumu's face stretched wider. "I don't like to share." Sakusa's head tilted, brow raised. Then why be in the main room last week. "Donor's preference." The words oozed innuendo.

Sakusa's ears reddened, his heart pounding. He couldn't stop staring at the sharp teeth teasing in and out of view. "So?" He gave a shallow nod. Before giving the verbal response required. "Very well." Atsumu's grin turned feral

He stepped forward, moving like a predator trying to coax its prey. Sakusa swallowed the thrill that ran down his spine. Atsumu moved slowly as if to not startle, taking the tie around Sakusa's neck in hand and tugging. He walked backward, dragging Sakusa with him.

When Atsumu's knees hit the back of the sofa he sat down, hand still gripping the tie and dragging Sakusa forward. Their noses brushed. Sakusa's entire body was burning. Fire ignited in his veins as red eyes stared him down. "Sit."

Sakusa tried to straighten, but the tension on his tie prevented him. As he attempted to sit beside Atsumu, the make-shift leash shortened. The curve of Atsumu's lips was hypnotizing. Sakusa couldn't look away, he attempted a glare. "Sit where exactly?"

Sakusa could see the answer as soon as the question left his lips. Atsumu patted his lap, crisp black slacks that were stretched around thick thighs. "Here." Heat settled in his stomach, breath stuttering. He didn't know how to refuse, or if he wanted to.

The Den was strict about Donor and Drinker comfort, that each was never made uncomfortable, and vampires that pushed would be disciplined. Sakusa was sure he could say no and Atsumu would shrug and offer another option.

It wasn't even a stretch considering the last time Sakusa had had a vampire in his lap. He swallowed the rock in his throat as he settled onto Atsumu's lap, logic unable to function, his ears burning. "Good Boy." Atsumu whispered against the shell of Sakusa's ear.

His entire body trembled. He reached out for the back of the couch, nails digging into the fabric in an attempt to keep him centred. He exhaled slowly, steeling his gaze as he looked down at the vampire beneath him. He raised a brow & cocked his head. "Well?" His neck exposed.

The hand on his tie slackened and resettled on his hips. Atsumu's grip was firm as he pulled Sakusa closer. The tip of their noses touching if they turned a little too much.

Red eyes glimmered in the low light as Atsumu leaned forward, trailing his nose along Sakusa's cheek, dragging it down the line of his jaw and the curve of his neck before settling at the juncture. The silence of the room was impossibly loud. Sakusa's breath seemed to echo.

He received no warning before a piercing heat raced through his veins, whited his vision and left him arching. All he could hear was a needy moan and the rushing of blood before Sakusa focused enough to realize the sound was vibrating from his chest.

He tried to tamper the noise clawing up his throat but each draw of blood from his body had him whimpering, grip tightening on the furniture. He felt feverish, the aphrodisiac of blood sharing unlike any he'd ever experienced before.

It wasn't the warm untangling he often felt at the base of his spine, but rather a raging inferno dragging him beneath. His arm buckled, body collapsing forward. His hands tangled in fabric. He tried to speak, mouth opening and closing, but only needy sounds filled the space.

A hand left his hip, twisting in his black curls and pulling him flush with the curve of Atsumu's throat. He whimpered at the musk that greeted him, his hips jerked forward. Sparks blurred his vision. A whine cut through the room. Sakusa couldn't temper the sound of his voice.

Nails scraped against his scalp, Atsumu letting out an encouraging hum as he released slightly. "That's it. No need to be shy. Take what ya need, darlin'" His voice was like whiskey against Sakusa's skin. Sakusa's brain was spinning as his hips too on a mind of their own.

It started as a slow drag, his body aching, picking up a building need and pace. Sakusa's entire body no longer felt like his own. He was drowning in a pool of need and want that tasted like the musky skin beneath his lips. His eyes opened, not recalling when they had closed.

His lips dragged across the throat before him to see red eyes staring down at him, pale mouth stained red with blood. Sakusa's entire body throbbed. He reached upward, smearing the blood with his thumb, it rested on the edge of Atsumu's mouth. A tongue flicked out to lick it.

"What are you doing to me?" Sakusa's voice croaked. Atsumu's eyes widened before softening. "Nothin' love. It's all ya." He leaned down claiming Sakusa's lips with his. The metallic taste of blood zinging between the rough pressure.

Sakusa's entire body when pliant, hand reaching past Atsumu's jaw to knot in blonde hair. The kiss was devouring, satisfying the ache but amplifying the need. Sakusa wanted to drown in it forever. /This/ This is what he'd been searching for.

Sakusa's mind went silent. No thoughts, only instinct as he pulled Atsumu in closer. They tumbled sideways, Sakusa's back along the couch with Atsumu tower above him. "More," he begged between a breath for air, pulling lips once more to his.

He felt the smirk against his lips, the cocky energy aggravating from the vampire between his thighs, but the trail of kisses and nips that burned down his throat had him gasping. A hand rubbed his cock between his slacks. His entire body seized, arching off the couch & into it.

Atsumu was nimble, flicking open the button of Sakusa's pants and slipping a hand inside. The roughness of Atsumu's palm against his skin had him moaning. Who was this vampire that had left him in this all-consuming state? Sakusa grasped Atsumu's face and pull him in.

He nipped at the lips against his, contorting his body as he did in an attempt to remove the layers between them. He wanted the touch of skin, craved it. Sakusa wasn't sure where his pants were when he found himself naked from the bottom down against a similarly undressed waist

"Fuck yer gorgeous." Their cocks rocked together, both groaning loudly. "I could consume ya." A drag of teeth against Sakusa's collar bone. The world sparked against his skin. He gripped Atsumu's hair and pulled him back to growl "Then do so."

Red eyes glowed, the pupils forming slits. It was the only warning Sakusa received before he was bent in half, knees to his ears and a tongue was laving at his exposed hole. Sakusa cursed, body attempting to run, but iron claws held him in place.

The tongue was warm, with steady strokes, pressure building as it slowly worked the tight muscle open. Sakusa was struggling to breathe. His hands reached down in an attempt for purchase and came up with nothing. He settled for the couch instead.

He swore he could hear fabric tearing. Sakusa shot upward. The iron grip on his hips the only thing that stopped him from pitching off the couch. A set of nibble fingers had replaced the tongue and were stretching him apart like no other.

They found his prostate easily, sending his nerve endings on a fritz. Sakusa felt like he was on the cusp of dying, each sensation like being reborn. "Please," his voice was hoarse, he was floating.

A distant click filled the room before Sakusa's entire body felt like it was being cleaved in two. His arms shot out gripping broad shoulders. Sakusa opened his eyes to see red looming above him. Atsumu was at his throat a moment later, cock sliding home as he sank his teeth in.

Sakusa screamed. The entire world was spinning as he was burned from the inside out. Atsumu was ruthless, his thrust merciless as took Sakusa for all he was worth.

There was no stopping it. The pressure inside Sakusa that had been building up exploded like a powder keg, destroying Sakusa's mind and felt him floating as wave after wave of want and pleasure rippled through him.

When he finally came too, he was being pressed into the couch, a solid weight of muscle and blonde on top of him. Sakusa could feel the teasing of a tongue lapping at the remaining blood. He was boneless as he turned to see Atsumu pausing to look up at him.

Atsumu's grin had lost most of the feral edge, but a beast still lingered in the glint of his eyes."That was fun." Sakusa could only nod. His mouth felt metallic from yelling. "Same time next week?" Sakusa's entire body shivered, his body clenching around the cock inside him.

The predatory grin was all he saw before he was devoured again. /fin Thanks for coming on this spontaneous thread ride with me. haven't written in a while so i apologize for how rusty it is, it's also late for me. But will say it was nice to write after what feels like forever

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