Abdul Moiz Jaferii

Abdul Moiz Jaferii



First, they came for the Baloch. I didn’t speak up because i was too young to question critically when they last started ironing the Baloch into uniformity. Then they came for young Muhajirs in Karachi & I didn’t speak up because those guys had hit too close to home.

Then they came for young Pashtuns, & I didn’t speak up because they had finally listened to those begging them to go after their own self made trouble in that region. War is dirty they said in the aftermath, & also that the new Pashtun movement was funded by the Indians.

During all of this, I realised they had already come & gone for me. Not with any act of direct aggression, but simply through the imposition of their uniform will, of their binary black & white ; good & evil which I failed to regularly confront, choosing instead to conform.

Then they came for Shehbaz Gill & I didn’t speak up because I thought he thoroughly deserved it. But with Gill, it was already too late for them. In the silence which followed his taking, in the lack of opposition from his own, there was a shift in their routine reality.

By Gill time there was already no ‘other’ left to come after, no foreigner to teach their songs to, no patriotism left to teach to the wicked. Everyone had already been taught their lesson, or self learnt it. When they came for Gill, they were actually going after themselves.

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