What is Rebalance? (FVG) | #ICT Concepts🧵

Rebalance or rebalancing a FVG is when price returns to a Fair Value Gap (FVG) and completely fills it in, removing the imbalance.

This can occur after the fair value gap has been created, as shown below. I like to look for this on the 15/5/1 minute time frames intraday as well as the daily and hourly timeframes.

This can also occur before the fair value gap is created. Look at these green candle and red hammer candle. You can see that when the red candle opened, there was a FVG (grey box). Price rebalanced and filled the FVG before it was technically formed. Price then continued higher

I personally only look for price to rebalance fair value gaps before they are formed on the daily.

This is a concept that is important to notice because once the imbalance is removed/filled, price tends to reverse if it isn't targeting liquidity, especially on balance days.

If you want to see a further explanation of this thread check out my YouTube video on it.

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