chelle 💭 harbinger apologist

chelle 💭 harbinger apologist



sakuatsu / vampire omi imagining Kiyoomi keeps him being a vampire a complete secret. he can retract his fangs as he wants and can satisfy his craving with with whatever he wants. he’s pretty good about keeping it under wraps, until he gets careless one night.

They’re all sitting at dinner and Kiyoomi thinks no one is paying attention. So he lets his fangs come out, just for a second. his gums ache and the relief is welcomed. He turns into his shoulder, hoping to hide as best he can, but what he doesn’t see is the movement has

caught Atsumu’s attention. Atsumu turns just in time to see Kiyoomi runs his tongue over his fang. Kiyoomi catches his eye, holding contact as he runs his tongue over the front of his teeth and the other fang. He smirks as he simply retracts them back into his normal.

He knows no one would believe Atsumu if he ever said anything. Maybe that’s where the sudden surge of boldness came from. But he’s quickly distracted by the scent of something different. There’s something different in the air surrounding Atsumu. Something of pure /want./

kajxjsksb idk this has been sitting for a hot minute in my drafts and i just have /many/ vampire Kiyoomi thoughts 😵‍💫

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