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I gained 100,000 followers in a year. But it's no rocket science β€” people just don't know where to start. Here's how I'd do it again (without getting lucky):

Firstly: followers aren't everything. Maximize for this: Attracting like-minded individuals to your profile. Why? Life is just more fun. You play the game of business and life with people that just get you. 5 tactics for setting you up for success on Twitter:

Tactic: Specificity > Generalization: Be specific about the topics you discuss. Unless you are a movie star or artist, it'll be difficult to grow a following naturally. But when you spend months talking about the same topic, people start noticing you as an expert.

Tactic: A unique bio. This is simple: Use your bio to be "known" for something. For example: @aaditsh: deconstructs 1% in business and life. @george_mack: marketing + mental models. @ShaanVP: building a $100M kids brand. Ask yourself: what do you want to be remembered for?

Tactic: Get better at the Twitter game: If you want to win big, you need to be obsessed with the game. I've already written about the advanced features you should look out for. Here's how to be a Twitter pro:

Tactic: A creator's mindset: A creator consumes. Good. But a creator creates more than he/she consumes. I have this rule: For every piece of content you consume, create a piece of content. β€’ Write about your experience. β€’ Elaborate on the idea. β€’ Share your perspective.

Tactic: Writing content that hits: Threads are the preferred format on Twitter. But they're getting oversaturated. How to write threads that crush it on Twitter:

1. Find a complex topic or pain point. 2. Ensure it's ultra-specific (to avoid jargon). 3. Distill it down into bullet points. 4. Write a killer hook.

Tactic: Authentic Direct Messages (DMs): Once you send your first DM to someone, it's done. It has been marked forever. There are so many first-time DMs I receive asking for my time, money, effort (with no upside for me). It's awkward. Here's the hack:

Tactic: Build side-projects. Something more fun than building a 100,000+ person audience is working on projects with some of the smartest people I've met. β€’ Bounce ideas off of each other β€’ Build together β€’ Ship together Utilize this positive-sum community.

Remember: To be interesting online, you have to be interesting in real life. If you enjoyed this 100k thread, I'd really appreciate it if you jump back to the first tweet and hit the retweet button:

If you’re a founder, builder or creator getting started on Twitter, check out Makers Mark 3.0: β€’ 3-week cohort (Start date: 24th Jan) β€’ Super engaged community of beginner audience-builders β€’ Frameworks & systems for content creation

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