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Men, this Japanese technique will teach you more about focus and flow states than a 14 day $3000 meditation bootcamp ;

You live in a world of information overload. Infinite stimulus, clutter and noise. You've felt this. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all.. focus is literally non existent. How can you expect the brain to focus on a task, to master it, when there are 10,000 thoughts..

Focus and flow states are elements of mastery. You cannot inch closer to success without learning the art and science of deep flow. The ability to be lost in a cause, lost in its vastness, fully immersed with no other thought or distraction

“Ichigyo-zammai” is the ancient Japanese art of complete concentration on one singular task. The art of one thing at a time. A relaxed state of full concentration where you easily flow through all the tasks on your to - do list. Learn this and you master flow states.

Understand this, distraction is not ingrained behaviour. It is habitual. It is not the normal state of being. It is a learned and forced disruption. 47% of your waking hours are spent thinking about something totally unrelated to what’s currently right in front of you.

If research proves that multi tasking causes long term cognitive damage - why does one do it? Simple, because of the dollop of dopamine you get when you multi task. Tick off a task from a list you get instant gratification - irrespective of the quality of your work. Shameful.

To walk the path of mastery, you must OWN your work. Mark your stamp of approval with pride, AFTER you've poured blood, sweat and tears into its creation. Multi tasking will not give you this. It is a joke. Only deep flow where you and your craft are ONE, will get you there..

Your mind is always thinking about the future, replaying conversations from the past or engaging in inner role-playing. Living in an illusion of part reality part fantasy. Your escape from this is 'Ichigyo zammai' or 'one practice concentration'

1) Start with having a beginner's mind. An open mind. The first thing you need is awareness of your body. You must Own your physical body. Do not slump - sit upright, this keeps you more conscious and prevents mind loitering. Exist - right here, right now.

2) Breathing : All that exists is the breath, the movement of breathing. You repeat this activity moment after moment, yet you never give it a second glance. When you begin to be aware - there is no time or space, you are completely lost in this movement.

3) Control : There is no controlling ones thought. It is akin to grasping water. Your true purpose is to see things as they are, observe as they are and let go, as it goes. Nothing to control or restraint, only watch and let go.

4) Non Duality : When you do something, just the act of doing it shall be your purpose. When you paint - you paint, when you sit, you sit. When you bow, you bow. when you are truly just doing whatever you’re doing, you will start to express your true self.

5) When you notice yourself thinking about something else, or getting your attention pulled elsewhere, or starting down a pattern of judgment, thought resentment, desire etc. … just notice. Then return to being fully present with the activity. See the brilliance of each moment.

6) Empty your mind of preconceived ideas and illusions. Let go of what others have imprinted on you. Just be curious about what the activity is actually like, right now, as it unfolds. Allow yourself to be surprised. Treat your craft with the reverence and devotion it deserves.

When you give each task your full attention, you shower it with the respect and devotion it deserves. No man walks the path of greatness without learning how to immerse himself in AND master his craft. This thread should teach you how to

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