You can learn a lot from the pros. I analyzed the top 10 Crypto Wallets to understand what they're doing. Here are the takeaways, insights & trends from the top 10 crypto wallets A thread.

2. The top wallets know what they're doing. I analyzed the top 10 crypto wallets on @DeBankDeFi. This thread contains an overview & takeaways from every single one of the top 10 wallets. If you want to look at the common trends & holdings across all of them, skip to the end.

3. #10 SoldmanGachs @DrSoldmanGachs Portfolio size: $1.69M NFT portfolio: $1.8M Chain breakdown: β€’ $1.1M on Arbitrum (65%) β€’ $550k on ETH (33%) β€’ $23k on BSC (1%) β€’ $11k on Polygon (1%) Wallet Holdings: β€’ $ALI β€’ $ETH β€’ $MAGIC β€’ $RVF β€’ $BANK β€’ $DEXT

4. Protocol deposits: 1. @Treasure_DAO β€” 1M β€’ MAGIC staked 2. Rari β€” 340k β€’ Lending ETH & gOHM β€’ Borrowing DAI & FRAX 3. @MagicDragon_DAO β€” 57k β€’ Staking MAGIC 4. LooksRare β€” 23k β€’ yield on Looks NFTs: $1.8M β€’ Cryptopunks β€’ Art blocks β€’ RTFKT β€’ Mooncats β€’ & more

5. Takeaways: β€’ Big TreasureDAO & MAGIC guy β€’ Stablecoin plays β€’ Lots of bluechip NFTs β€’ Big positions in 1< ETH NFTs

6. #9 Beaker @cryptobeaker Portfolio size: $1.3M NFT size: $570k Chain breakdown: β€’ 650k on AVAX (50%) β€’ 588k on ETH (45%) β€’ 38k on Polygon (3%) β€’ 18k on Fantom (1%) β€’ 15.7k on Arbitrum (1%) Wallet Holdings: β€’ ETH & WETH β€’ $FTM β€’ $MATIC β€’ $BANANA

7. Protocol Deposits: 1. Platypus β€” 270k β€’ Farming Stablecoins & staking PTP 2. Aave β€” 230k β€’ lending USDC.e, DAI.e, WAVAX β€’ Borrowing stablecoins 3. Rari β€” 190k β€’ Lending APE, ETH & gOHM β€’ Borrowing stablecoins 4. Euler β€” 93k β€’ Lending oSQTH & SHIB 5. LooksRare β€” 86k

8. Protocol Deposits continued 6. Vector β€” 77k β€’ Farming USDC, UST, FRAX, xPTP 7. NFTX β€’ Farming 0.97 MAYC 8. Redacated 9. Uniswap V3 10. Blizz 11. Trader Joe NFTs β€” 570k β€’ MAYC β€’ Kaijukingz β€’ Cool Cats β€’ Killer GF β€’ Galactic Apes β€’ Artblocks β€’ MEME

9. Takeaways: β€’ Lots of AVAX, some solid AVAX plays β€’ Farming stables β€’ Fantom plays β€’ Lot’s of low tier blue chips & undervalued NFTs

10. #8 Blurr Portfolio size: 19.M NFT portfolio: 3M Chain breakdown: β€’ 16M on ETH (83%) β€’ 3.3M on Fantom (17%) Wallet Holdings: β€’ USDC & USDT β€’ WFTM β€’ ETH β€’ CRV β€’ $ANGLE β€’ $SOCKS

11. Protocol Deposits: 1. Across β€” 5M β€’ USDC 2. Euler β€” 4.6M β€’ Lending USDC, DAI & WETH 3. REVENANT β€” 2.1M β€’ agEUR + cUSD 4. Gnosis β€” 868k 5. Reflexer β€” 411k β€’ FLX + WETH 6. Angle protocol β€” 303k β€’ agEUR + ANGLE 7. Geist β€” 175k β€’ lending CRV, Dai, MIM,

12. NFTs: 3.1M β€’ Cryptopunks β€’ Artblocks β€’ Autoglyphs β€’ Meetbits β€’ Cryptodickbutts β€’ Lots of 1:1 art NFTs Takeaways: β€’ Multi chain yields plays β€’ Stablecoin plays β€’ Impressive NFT collection w lots of blue chips β€’ Lots of 1:1 art NFTs β€’ follow for multi chain plays

13. #7 FOMO @ThinkingETH Portfolio size $5.9M NFT portfolio $144K Chain Breakdown: β€’ 3.8M on Cronos (64%) β€’ 1.4M on Aurora (24%) β€’ 405k on ETH (7) β€’ 220k on Fantom (4%) Wallet: β€’ ETH β€’ USDC β€’ $SPELL β€’ $SAK3 β€’ AVAX β€’ $THETA β€’ $SIPHER

14. Protocol Breakdown: 1. Tectonic β€” 3.4M β€’ Lending USDC β€’ Borrowing USDT 2. Bastion β€” 1.3M β€’ Staked AETH β€’ Lending NEAR & AETH 3. Autofarm β€” 211k β€’ Farming USDC + USDT 4. Stargate β€” 207k β€’ Farming USDC 5. GRO β€” 190K β€’ Farming GVT & vesting GRO

15. Protocol Breakdown continued... 6. TempleDAO β€” 88k β€’ Staking $TEMPLE 7. Aurogami β€” 86k β€’ Supplying & borrowing AETH Takeaways: β€’ Big Cronos profile β€’ Farming stables β€’ Pairing protocols well to maximize yield on safer plays β€’ Follow for Cronos & Aurora plays

16. #6 Miyazaki @miyazakiweb3 Portfolio size: 12.7M NFT portfolio: 53k Chain breakdown: β€’ 10.9M on Fantom (85%) β€’ 1.6M on Polygon (13%) β€’ 104k on ETH (1%) β€’ 80k on METIS (1%) Protocol deposits: 1. QiDAO β€” 4.7M (FTM) β€’ Lending BIFI ($8.2M) β€’ Borrowing miMATIC ($3.5M)

17. Deposits 2. 0xDAO β€” 2.5M β€’ Farming BIFI + miMATIC β€’ WFTM + beFTM 3. QiDAO β€” 1.6m (Polygon) β€’ $1.6M of QI locked 4. Swookyswap β€” 1.4M β€’ WFTM + BIFI 5. Spiritswap β€” 1.14M β€’ WFTM + BIFI 6. BeethovenX β€” 640k β€’ WFTM + beFTM 7. Beefy β€” 260k β€’ USDC + DAI + miMATIC

18. Takeaways: β€’ Big FTM guy β€’ Big WFTM + BIFI guy, farming that across many protocols β€’ Stablecoin farming β€’ Good profile to follow for FTM plays Debank profile

19. #5 YFImaxi Portfolio size: 11M NFT portfolio: 3.4M Chain breakdown: β€’ 9.3M on Ethereum (86%) β€’ 716k on Avalanche (7%) β€’ 472k on Harmony (4%) β€’ 138k on Polygon (1%) β€’ 129k on Arbitrum (1%) β€’ 19.5k on BSC ( <1%) β€’ 1.5k on Boba (~0%)

20. Wallet Holdings: β€’ ETH β€” 1.2M β€’ $XMON β€” 760K β€’ $CRA β€” 640K β€’ $SYN β€” 618K β€’ WETH β€” 345k β€’ 1USDC β€” 248k β€’ BUSD β€” 220k β€’ $FRAX β€” 215k β€’ $PDT β€” 196k β€’ $SOCKS β€” 116k β€’ $NCR β€” 111k β€’ USDC β€” 76k β€’ USDT β€” 62k

21. Protocol Deposits: 1. Across β€” 2.8M β€’ USDC LP 2. FiredForex β€” 1.1M β€’ Staking KP3R 3. TokeMak β€” 455K β€’ Farming TOKE 4. Curve β€” 383K β€’ Locking & vesting CRV 5. Convex β€” 250K β€’ CVX locked β€’ cvxCRV Staked 6. GMX β€” 127k β€’ GMX staked 7. Redacted β€” 81k β€’ BTRFLY staked

22. NFT holdings β€’ 15 Artblocks β€’ Parallel Alpha β€’ 2 Cryptopunks β€’ 7 Azuki β€’ Crypto Unicorns Market (polygon) β€’ 4 CloneX β€’ 5 Crypto Voxels β€’ Meetbits β€’ Pudgy Penguins β€’ Capsule House β€’ Deadheads β€’ Lost Souls Sanctuary β€’ & a lot more

23. Takeaways: β€’ Primarily ETH plays β€’ Lots of stablecoins β€’ Yield plays to get passive income β€’ Large holdings across trusted platforms like Curve & Convex β€’ Blue chip NFTs β€’ Large number of undervalued NFTs

24. #4 vitalik @sir_pog Portfolio size: 3.2M NFT portfolio 425k Chain breakdown: β€’ 2.7M on ETH (84%) β€’ 245k on Arbitrum (7%) β€’ 225k on Polygon (7%) β€’ 61k on Fantom (2%) Wallet Holdings: β€’ ETH β€” 32

25. Protocol Deposits: 1. Convex β€” 1.7M β€’ rETH + wstETH (staking ETH on RPL + rewards in CVX for extra gains) 2. Balancer β€” 517k β€’ Farming stables 3. Inverse β€” 324K β€’ supplying WBTC, INV β€’ Borrowing WBTC 4. Treasure β€” 230K β€’ Staking MAGIC

26. Deposits 5. Beefy β€” 140k β€’ WMATIC + USDC 6. Hop protocol β€’ WMATIC + hMATIC 7. RoboVault β€’ USDC β€’ MIM NFTs: β€’ ETH vault β€’ CryptoArte β€’ KaijuKingz β€’ Tubby Cats β€’ Kohi Kintusgi β€’ uwucrew

27. Takeaways: β€’ Primarily ETH β€’ Maximizing ETH staking. Staking ETH through Rocket Pool to earn rETH. Farming rETH on Convex to earn ~10+% on ETH. I talk about this more in my ETH yield guide. β€’ Farming stables β€’ Large position in TreasureDAO

28. #3 fewture @Fewturefinance Portfolio size: 12.5M Chain breakdown: β€’ 11.5M on ETH (93%) β€’ 470k on Arbitrum (4%) β€’ 400k on Optimism (4%)

29. Protocol Deposits: 1. Convex (6.5M) β€’ Farming β€’ Staking 2. Liquidity (2.6M) β€’ Lending 1.5K ETH β€’ Borrowing 2M LUSD 3. Curve (1.1M) 4. Sushiswap (470K) 5. Synthetix (300K)

30. Takeaways: β€’ Almost entirely ETH β€’ Farming & staking on big, trusted protocols like Curve & Convex β€’ Likes meme NFTs β€’ Good profile for anyone looking to play it safer & earn passively through staking & farming blue chips Debank Profile

31. #2 Ethereum Portfolio size: 39.2M NFT portfolio: 480K Chain breakdown: β€’ 15M on ETH (38%) β€’ 9.6M on AVAX (25%) β€’ 7.9M on Fantom (20%) β€’ 4.1M on Arbitrum (11%) β€’ 2% in Polygon & BSC Wallet Holdings: 1.8M β€’ ETH β€’ $Quartz β€’ $SHIB β€’ $APE β€’ $SPA β€’ $STNEAR β€’ $xDEFI

32. Wallet holdings continued β€’ $PERP β€’ $KROM β€’ $RUNE β€’ $FPIS β€’ USDT β€’ $MTA β€’ $ALICE β€’ $ALI β€’ & more. Protocol Deposits: 1. Vector: 5.3M β€’ Farming a bunch of tokens 2. Aave: 4.2M β€’ lending WAVAX, WBTC & AAVE β€’ Borrowing stablecoins: USDT, Dai, USDC

33. Deposits continued.. 4. Sperax: 3.4M β€’ Farming stablecoin pools 5. Convex: 3.3M β€’ Farming a bunch of pools 6. Aave V2: 1.9M β€’ Lending LINK, UNI, WETH, etc β€’ Borrowing stablecoins 7. Balancer 8. Geist 9. & More

34. NFTs: β€’ BAYC β€’ ETHlizards β€’ Arcade land β€’ C-01 β€’ Rebel bots β€’ Psychedelics Anonymous β€’ Pudgy Penguins β€’ Mfers Takeaways: β€’ Primarily on Big chains β€” ETH, AVAX, FTM β€’ Large positions in a bunch of alt coins

35. Takeaways.. β€’ In a lot of big protocols, assumablely to distribute protocol risk β€’ Borrowing stablecoins, leveraging to get extra yield β€’ Blue chip NFTs β€’ Large positions in undervalued (<1ETH) NFTs β€’ Lots of undervalued NFT & altcoins, good profile to watch for alpha

36. #1 PennilessWassie Portfolio size 115M NFT portfolio: 3.1M Chain Breakdown: β€’ 99.5M on ETH (86%) β€’ 16M on Arbitrum (14%) Wallet Breakdown: β€’ FPIS β€” $3.9M β€’ RPL β€” $1.5M β€’ ETH β€” $130k

37. Protocol Deposits: 1. FRAX β€” 37.8M β€’ Frax staked β€’ In lots of FRAX pools 2. Convex β€” 27.5M β€’ 1M CVX locked β€’ WETH+CVX pool β€” 500K 3. Dopex β€” 15.9M β€’ Farming β€’ Pools 4. Liquidity β€” 12.2M β€’ Lending 10K ETH β€’ Borrowed 18.1M of LUSD 5. Fei protocol 6. Curve 7. Rari

38. NFTs: β€’ 2 Cryptopunks β€’ Cupcats ( a lot) β€’ Cup cat kittens (a lot) Takeaways: β€’ Primarily on ETH β€’ ETH staking w rocket pool β€’ Big on Frax (37M in Frax) β€’ Lots of staking β€’ A HUGE number of cupcat NFTs

39. Conclusion & Overall Takeaways: 1. Stablecoins. Every single one of the top 10 wallets is heavily playing stablecoins. Makes sense.

40. In an uncertain market, stablecoin farming is one of the best, low risk moves. Lot’s of moving around stablecoins between protocols & leverage to maximize yield. Stablecoins = liquidity. This allows them to easily capitulate on opportunities

41. 2. Lots of Fantom. 6 out of the 10 top wallets are in fantom. The #6 wallet Miyazaki has 85% of their total position in Fantom. 2 of the 10 wallets have around 20% in Fantom. There's a lot of conviction in Fantom. With the recent price crash, they’ve been loading up

42. 3. Top Tier protocols Everyone has big positions in top tier protocols like Convex, Curve & Aave, earning low risk yield on stables & other tokens 4. TreasureDAO Big bets on MAGIC. 2 of the 10 wallets have big positions in Treasure & $MAGIC.

43. If you want to understand Treasure, Here’s my treasure 101 5. NFTs Most of these guys are in blue chip NFTs, but they also have large positions in >1 ETH NFTs. It’s worth looking into their holdings to find low cost undervalued projects

44. 6. ETH plays: All the accounts are putting their ETH to use to earn yield. They're staking through Rocket pool & other protocols. If you want to learn more about earning yield on ETH, Here’s my ETH yield guide.

45. 7. Stablecoins. Stablecoins. Don’t forget stablecoins. 8. $FPIS 2 of the 10 wallets have positions in FPIS 9. $ALI 2 of the 10 wallets have positions in ALI 10. $APE 2 of the 10 wallets have positions in APE

46. 11. Chain of choice β€’ 6 of the 10 wallets have most of their portfolio in ETH β€’ 1 Wallet has most of its portfolio in Fantom β€’ 1 Wallet has most of its portfolio in Cronos β€’ 1 wallet has most of its portfolio in Avalanche β€’ 1 Wallet has most its portfolio in Arbitrum

47. That was a lot. But with that, you now have a comprehensive overview into what the top wallets are doing. In the coming days, I'll be writing about more detailed takeaways & trends amongst these top wallets, follow to keep up. Following the pros is a great way to keep up.

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