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Tim Denning ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ | Millionaire Writing Habits



How I quit the average 9-5 life 12 months ago and redesigned my life to never follow orders again: ๐Ÿงต

First, some people are happy in jobs. But a lot of people like me hate them. โ€ข Stupid rules โ€ข Zero creativity โ€ข Following orders โ€ข Lack of career progression โ€ข Give the profit of your work away I finally said "f*ck it" & quit.

You may think this is an uncommon decision or too hard. It's not. The internet has changed the world of work. Working a job is no longer a must. Let's get into it.

1. Publish content on the internet This was the first thing I did. I realized sharing ideas/thoughts makes you a magnet for opportunities. The smartest places to publish are Substack, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

2. A new life starts before exiting a job I knew for about 2 years before I quit that it was my goal. So I worked as if it was inevitable. Making money to replace my salary was my after hours side project.

3. Go from full-time to part-time, first It helps make the transition from 9-5 work to working for yourself easier. From 5 days to 4 works best. Cop a 20% pay decrease if you have to.

4. Realize this huge idea Quitting is scary. A salary is crack. Then someone on LinkedIn said to me: "You can always get another job." Fear gone.

5. Design your ideal day A mentor told me to imagine a different type of work day. Then document it. โ€ข What tasks would you be doing? โ€ข What work hours would you do? โ€ข Who would you interact with? โ€ข Where would you work?

6. Get new skills โ€ข Writing โ€ข Copywriting โ€ข Outsourcing โ€ข Shooting videos โ€ข Setting up a website โ€ข Automation tools โ€ข Starting communities The internet allows this new type of life, only if you acquire the skills to enable it.

7. Become a leader You may choose to have zero employees. But to succeed online you have to either lead: โ€ข Freelancers โ€ข An email list โ€ข A community โ€ข Prospects/customers So learn how to motivate and inspire. Start with your current work colleagues.

8. Use productivity software early on If you don't, time will escape you. The best ones are: โ€ข Google Workspace โ€ข Notion โ€ข Trello Productivity software allows you to hire fewer, or even, no people.

9. Hire a VA as soon as you can afford it They save a tonne of time. A lot of the work we do can be outsourced to one. That way you can focus on the real work that gives you energy.

10. Systemize & document on day one Every online income stream can become a system. The sooner it does the easier it gets. Document everything you do as you go in a Wiki or Google Doc.

If you follow these steps there's no reason you can't do work you: โ€ข Love doing โ€ข Find creative โ€ข Lets you work whenever โ€ข Lets you work from wherever โ€ข Doesn't involve endless meetings โ€ข Doesn't need you to follow orders

Ambition in 9-5 jobs is dying cause we're figuring out there's another way. I've found it. Why can't you? You can.

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