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One of the greatest goofy lies this website ever tried to push was "Elementary is totally better than Sherlock".

I'm rewatching Sherlock and it's good. It's a very good show. It has Moffat stuff which is a very YMMV kind of thing, I get, but also, Moffat hate jumped well beyond the bounds of any actual critique around that time, and kind of stopped being about anything real.

Moffat is one of those writers for whom most of the criticisms are at least mostly valid, but where it stopped making sense was treating him as materially worse than, like, almost every other writer around him who was not being criticized for doing the same stuff.

This is most clear in Doctor Who, where RTD's work is more noxiously sexist and racist than anything in Moffat's run, but people either tacitly or explicitly spent the years going at Moffat by wistfully thinking back to the days of *gestures at all of RTD's work*.

I don't think art criticism needs to be rigorously consistent or anything, our reactions to art are personal and weird for sure, but a lot of Moffat criticism went into getting really judgy about anyone who *did* like his stuff in a way where that inconsistency got glaring.

I don't actually have any anger for Elementary beyond it being turned into More Discourse Than Show on this website.

TL;DR the treatment of Donna Noble is more egregious than anything Moffat ever wrote, and so is "Martha and Mickey get together" for reasons that I hope are obvious.

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