Skts nsfw "Babe." Atsumu hums in response. "I'm hard" Atsumus head whips upwards from where its resting on kiyoomis chest, his face curled and mouth open in disbelief. Kiyoomi threw his arms over his eyes in embarrassment, groaning an apology. "Sorry. Youre really sexy"

"I am literally in your ratty old t-shirt. Eating pringles. We are currently laying down watching kdramas." Atsumu reminds, slipping in the fact that kiyoomi lets him eat on the bed. Love changes you. Atsumu glances downwards to his boyfriends crotch, and lo and behold,

Kiyoomis cock is twitching underneath the thin fabric of his grey sweatpants. Atsumus head turns back in time with kiyoomi peaking underneath his arms. eyes piercing atsumus when he responds, "Exactly." "Omi, ya love me that much?" Atsumu smirks, hands trailing down to caress

Kiyoomis bulge to full length. Kiyoomi groans. "Don't worry, i'll take care of you." Setting his empty pringles aside, Atsumu scooch down the bed to face kiyoomis crotch. He pulls the pants band down in one move and kiyoomis thick cock springs out. "Hey, baby!" atsumu coos.

"Please dont talk to my dick like that." Kiyoomis voice strained in embarassement from infront of him. Atsumu is having fun with this so hes chosen to shift his attention to kiyoomis junior. "Itadakimasu." Atsumu opens his mouth andβ€”

Just a thot

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