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Every fitness tip I have from 11 years in the gym: 1. Cut your alcohol intake

2. Don't drink your calories. 3. Fitness is 90% mental and 10% physical. 4. Morning workouts are a great way to start the day. 5. Carbs don't make you fat and fats don't make you fat - too many calories do. 6. The only equipment you need is your own body.

7. Lifting weights is better than cardio for fat loss. 8. Sleep, sun, and nutritious food are better than pre-workouts. 9. Never sacrifice form to lift heavier. 10. 10,000 steps daily is worth more than a $20,000 weight loss surgery.

12. If you aren't losing weight, you are eating too much. 13. If you aren't gaining weight, you aren't eating enough. 14. Increase weight and reps every workout to build muscle. 15. You aren't hungry, you're just bored. 16. Coffee + sun is the ultimate AM energy hack.

17. Women don't want visible abs, they want visible confidence. 18. Hydration is key for great workouts. 19. Building more muscle is the best fat burner. 20. Abs are built in the gym and revealed in the kitchen. 21. For more muscle = 6-20 reps 22. For strong muscle =1-6 reps

23. Keto is for losers (unless you're epileptic). 24. Track your workouts to stay motivated. 25. More protein is key = Eat 1 gram per lb of lean body weight daily 26. You can get "instant results" after 3 months of doing the work. 27. 99% of exercises on IG are B.S.

28. Sodium is necessary to live, you can't eliminate it. 29. Getting super shredded boosts your confidence like completing an ultra marathon. 30. Staying super shredded can be unhealthy like a marathon that never ends. 31. Staying 12-15% body fat is ideal for men.

32. Discipline = Freedom 33. There will be bumps in the road, progress is never linear. 34. Have protein with every meal. 35. Eat your protein first and you're less likely to overeat. 36. Go for a walk outdoors, every day.

37. Expert accountability and a solid plan guarantee success. 38. You will never regret doing a workout you didn't want to do. 39. Clicking this link will teach you how to achieve fat loss forever (FREE)

40. High-quality protein powder and eggs are less work than chewing meat. 41. Meat keeps you fuller longer. 42. You can get more out of a 30-minute workout by training to failure on every set. 43. Your last rep should be your slowest rep. 44. Man boobs are not sexy.

45. Eat like shit = Feel like shit 46. Comparing yourself to others is making you anxious - focus on yourself. 47. Rest days = Playing with kids, Nature park dates, Walking in the sun 48. Cardio is great for mental and cardiovascular health. 49. Cardio is shit for fat loss.

50. Exercise is literally a documented anti-depressant. Get in the f*cking gym. 51. Not keeping junk food and alcohol in your pantry is self-care. 52. Filling your home with nutrient-dense, protein-rich, and belly-filling foods is ultimate self-care.

53. Don't hang with unhealthy people. 54. Tell yourself you can make it and you will. Self-belief is the most powerful drug in the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading. If you learned some things, please retweet so others can learn as well. And follow me @WarrenEnglish_ for more content on - Getting lean - Building muscle - Living with confidence My goal is to help you transform your life through fitness.

P.S. I’m looking for 2 more men who want to build muscle and drop 20+ lbs by New years: If you have 3 hours a week to spare, this is for you. DM me β€œREADY” and I’ll get you the details (Not free. I work 1-1 with you for 3 months. Results guaranteed)

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