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10 habits that will make you unrecognizable in 30 days:

1) Reading books Reading has many benefits, including helping you: • Learn more • Gain knowledge • Improve your focus and memory Reading daily will stimulate your mind. But that's not all:

Books give you a window into someone else’s knowledge and experience. Reading non-fiction is a shortcut for learning from experts and avoiding their mistakes. Reading fiction is fun, relaxing, and develops your creativity. How can you build this habit?

Incorporate it slowly into your routine. Pick a topic you’re passionate about. Choose a book on it. Read 10 pages a day. Divide it into blocks: • Non-fiction in the morning • Fiction at night Stick to what works for you.

2) Staying hydrated Drinking water has become a meme. But you need to drink water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is key for your health, productivity, and wellbeing. It also reduces hunger, which makes it easier to control your eating and your weight.

3) Moving your body Getting least 30 minutes of physical activity every day will: • Boost your energy • Improve your mood • Strengthen your immune system But listen to your body. What do I mean?

You don’t need to (and you shouldn’t) exercise to exhaustion every day. Alternate intense workouts and lighter activities, such as: • Walking • Sprinting • Stretching • Light cardio • Weightlifting Balance exercise with recovery.

4) Practicing self-care You need to take care of yourself. You can’t perform at your best if you don’t. However, self-care is NOT doing things like: • Binging Netflix • Sleeping all day • Indulging in junk food Letting yourself go is not healthy. Here’s what is healthy:

Self-care is doing things to recharge your body and mind. For example: • Exercising • Meditating • Eating healthy • Spending time in nature • Optimizing your environment These activities improve your physical and mental health. Make time for them every day.

5) Keeping a to-do list Trying to keep track of all you have to do in your head will overwhelm you. Here's how to avoid that: • Write out your to-dos • Pick a few priorities • Plan time to work on them This will improve your focus, motivation, and mental clarity.

6) Practicing gratitude Research shows gratitude has a positive impact on your brain: • It reduces your stress • It improves your mood • It increases your optimism Here are 3 ways to incorporate gratitude into your day:

i) Have a gratitude journal At the end of each day, write down: • 3 things others did for you that you’re grateful for • 3 nice things you did for other people Keep a record of anything you did to make others happy - and anything others did to make you happy.

ii) Have a gratitude rock Keep a rock near your bed. Every night before you go to sleep: • Pick up the rock • Name 3 things you’re grateful for • Put it back down Having the rock by your bed will be a daily reminder to practice gratitude.

iii) Have moments of gratitude You don't need to wait until the end of the day to be grateful. Throughout your day, pay attention to moments when you feel grateful. Immerse yourself in gratitude in those moments. Enjoy them. Be fully present.

7) Stimulating your mind Your brain is like a muscle. It needs exercise to achieve (and maintain) peak performance. Practice activities that stimulate, challenge, and grow your mind. “What activities?” you ask?

You don't need to complicate this. Games can be a perfect brain workout: • Chess • Sudoku • Puzzles • Card games • Crosswords These exercise your analytical and problem-solving skills. Want more options?

Learning new skills (or a new language) is another way to exercise your mind. Try picking up skills like: • Coding • Cooking • Creative writing Or listen to courses, podcasts, and audiobooks. Exercise your mind daily.

8) Setting a daily intention Setting an intention gives you a clear focus for your day. It aligns your day with the goals you want to achieve. Don't limit yourself. Keep it simple. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say your intention for today is to eat healthy. You don’t need to decide every food, meal, or snack you’ll eat. Instead, focus on actions: • Drinking more water • Minimizing junk foods • Prioritizing whole foods Align your actions to the life you want to live.

9) Getting regular sun exposure Your skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for: • Mood • Immunity • Bone health • Testosterone production • Skin, hair, and nail health Here's a tip:

Get direct sunlight first thing in the morning. Why? It trains your sleep/wake cycle. This helps you sleep better at night. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Exercise outside in the sun to get your daily dose of exercise and Vitamin D.

10) Having side projects or hobbies Working on a passion project is a positive experience. Use it to explore your creativity and learn new skills. Treat this as time to: • Find your purpose • Develop new skills • Do something you love And here’s the best part:

10 habits that will change your life: 1) Reading 2) Staying hydrated 3) Moving your body 4) Practicing self-care 5) Keeping a to-do list 6) Practicing gratitude 7) Stimulating your mind 8) Setting a daily intention 9) Getting regular sunlight 10) Having side projects or hobbies

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