#sakuatsu // kiyoomi’s drops 300000 yen on a limited edition burberry jacket without thinking about it when atsumu forgets his winter coat. atsumu doesn’t find out until suna, who is surprisingly fashion-savvy, throws something at him and yells “when did you get a sugar daddy?”

atsumu blinks owlishly at his friend. “what do you mean?” suna gapes at him. “that jacket!” atsumu peers down at his collar. “oh, this? omi picked it up for me last time we were in nara because i forgot to bring mine and i was getting cold.” suna stares at him in disbelief.

“your boyfriend bought a designer coat *that costs more than my monthly rent* because you were *cold*?” he shrieks. “HOW MUCH WAS IT?” atsumu, still the country boy he was raised as, screams back. “twenty, thirty thousand, i don’t know!” suna exclaims.

across the city, kiyoomi pauses his discussion with motoya’s father on real estate development near the msby black jackals gym to check his phone. he frowns at atsumu’s text and quickly shoots a message back before returning to the conversation at hand.

atsu: SAKUSA KIYOOMI YOU DID *NOT* SPEND WHAT I THINK YOU DID ON THE COAT omi-omi: i don’t understand what you mean, atsumu. do you not like it? i can get you another one. if kiyoomi has strained his ears enough, he might have been able to hear suna rintarou’s wail of anguish.

// end this one is shorter than usual but i had rich kid!omi brainrot so 🤷🏻‍♂️ here you gooooo likes, rts, and (especially) comments appreciated!

NO FUCK i made a typo 😭 in the first tweet no less

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