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Most people suck at writing threads. But 90% of the result comes from your first tweet. Here’s a breakdown of 10 ultra-viral thread hooks to build authority and 10x your audience growth: (Bookmark this for your next 90 days of content)

Authority by Association [Person/company] achieved X. [Why you should care]. Here’s a breakdown: -- Why it works: Credibility and authority are key components of capturing attention. The best way is to borrow someone else's. h/t @steadycompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 Overcoming Adversity: I had [problem]. Here’s how I overcame it (so you can too): --- Why it works: Everyone is looking for a solution to their problems. And everyone loves to read about a transformation. h/t @wrongstowrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder Most People Suck: Most [group or advice] sucks. Here’s how you won’t: - Why it works: Ego. Nobody wants to be in the failing group. When you call out a pain point, your thread is the solution. h/t @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @iamclintmurphy

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy The Guide… But With a Twist How to achieve [desire] without [undesirable limitation or action] --- Why it works: The second half of the formula is crucial. Curiosity gets the click. h/t @naval @systemsunday @OneJKmolina

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina The Leg Work I’ve invested [energy, time, money] doing Y. Here’s everything I’ve learned. --- Why it works: Humans are lazy. Imply how much time you spent doing something, and people WILL pay attention. h/t @heyblake @jonbrosio @thecoachraj @giannicara

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara This Skill is Awesome, Here’s Why You Should Care Learning [skill] gives [benefit] Here’re X [tips etc] that will help you [achieve result] --- Why it works: Catch attention by fueling desire. Keep it by telling them why they should read. h/t @jmoserr @thedankoe

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara @jmoserr @thedankoe The Curator Used right, X is a [massive benefit to reader] Here’re X [resources I’ve gathered] --- Why it works: Knowledge is power. Gathering it for other people is a powerful form of value. h/t @stephsmithio @aaditsh @blakeaburge

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara @jmoserr @thedankoe @stephsmithio @blakeaburge The Enemy [Enemy] is costing you [money, time, energy, status] Here’s what you actually need to know: - Why it works: There’re two powerful psychological triggers at play. 1. 'Us vs Them' 2. Loss Aversion h/t @anthonysramblin @heyblake @singhcredible

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara @jmoserr @thedankoe @stephsmithio @blakeaburge @anthonysramblin @singhcredible Accomplishments I [achieved goal] [Optional] without Y Here’s my [advice, lessons, process]: --- Why it works: One of the best ways to grow is to do interesting shit and talk about it. (Share your progress) h/t @thejustinwelsh @heykahn

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara @jmoserr @thedankoe @stephsmithio @blakeaburge @anthonysramblin @singhcredible @thejustinwelsh @heykahn Habits X [good/bad/little known/secret] habits that [achieve pleasure or remove pain] - Why it works: We’re evolutionarily wired to pursue pleasure or remove pain. Habits are the cornerstone. h/t @thedankoe @systemsunday @Alexmathers84

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara @jmoserr @thedankoe @stephsmithio @blakeaburge @anthonysramblin @singhcredible @thejustinwelsh @heykahn @Alexmathers84 If you're interested in an extra 250+viral threads at your fingertips, check out the Viral Inspiration Lab. (You also get a 52-minute course on thread writing and 1000+ tweets) It's 40% off this week only so don't miss out:

@SteadyCompound @dickiebush @nathanbaugh27 @WrongsToWrite @adityatheverma @FitFounder @wes_kao @chrislad @aaditsh @IAmClintMurphy @naval @SystemSunday @OneJKMolina @heyblake @jonbrosio @TheCoachRaj @giannicara @jmoserr @thedankoe @stephsmithio @blakeaburge @anthonysramblin @singhcredible @thejustinwelsh @heykahn @Alexmathers84 Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, 2 requests: 1. Drop me a follow @itskierandrew for ideas on writing & business 2. Share the thread for others to read Just click below and up you go, cheers.

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