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✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



#Capitaru 🔞🛡💧 Childe’s the first one to check up on Capitano after his accident. It was nothing too serious, but there had been an issue with a local plant where he was exploring causing some reaction. Childe slowly stepped into the room. He could hear the deep growls

before even entering, but they were so much louder in this space and Childe was almost sure he could feel his legs giving out. “Capitano?” He asks shyly. “Don’t come in-“ Capitano gets out quickly, Childe’s fingers already wrapped around the curtain.

Childe frowned and peeked in, his big blue eyes staring into Capitano’s and when Capitano noticed, he growled louder. Only then did Childe realize what was happening, a tent under the blanket, all the growls, the frustration physically oozing from behind the mask, his eyes

but a glimpse of light in the cloud of darkness surrounding him. A soft gasp was all Childe could come up with, something sparking in him, his stomach feeling like it was practically melting into hot lava and dripping down and out of his cunt.

“Hah- fuck. You *still* can’t listen to orders, can you eleventh?”Capitano asks, “Fuck… *fuck*” he groans, head tilting back, he was so incredibly close to his fifth or so orgasm of the night. Childe *whines* and Capitano loses it. “Get in” the man growls, and before he can

even take a step inward, long tendrils are shooting out of him and pulling Childe in, right onto his lap. Childe feels as though his heart may beat out of his throat when he feels that huge cock nestled between his thighs. “Nnn Capitano please can- can I touch it?”

“Go on” Capitano mumbles, and that’s all it takes for Childe to pull that blanket away. It’s always been clear to him that Capitano wasn’t human, but gods is his cock a sight to behold. It’s long, thick, black in color with a frustrated purple tip and along the sides of it

is a ribbed texture. Childe really thinks he might go insane if he gets him inside of him. “Fuck..” the boy whines, wiggling to scoot down before placing his mouth over the tip, giving it a good little suck and then kitten licking at it. Capitano growls again, deep and

guttural and his eyes fall shut as he grips at the younger’s hair. “Go on, slut. Take it.” He mumbles. Another sound leaves the boy’s mouth, grinding against the elder man’s leg to relieve some pressure as he takes his cock into his mouth. It’s messy, fuck it’s so messy.

Childe’s great at sucking cock sure, but he’s never had one like this. Drool keeps dripping from his mouth and he can’t fit the whole thing inside no matter how hard he tries. Capitano doesn’t mind helping though, his fingers tangle into the boy’s hair and he *forces* him down

onto his cock, fucking into the back of his throat as Childe chokes and moans around him constantly, the younger’s hips desperately rutting against his leg much like an excited puppy. “Fuck… that’s it whore, fucking take it” he growls. Childe’s never been so needy, never

been so wet, never felt so *hot* in his life, but fuck it felt so good. Capitano felt *so good*, so he let him use him, use his tight little throat until he was shooting his load down the back of it with a strangled mixture of groans and growls and his throat was sore and raw.

The same happened with his little pink cunt, multiple times, Capitano swore he’d fuck him up, ruin him, *impregnate* him. He’d force him to have his little abyssal babies, thousands of them maybe. Childe let out the lewdest little moans, which only spurred Capitano on further.

It didn’t stop until Capitano suddenly passed out while Childe was riding him, the boy whining and burying his face against his chest, hiding himself as the door clicked. “So I see my experiment was a success. Abyssal hormones do attract one another.” Dottore snickers, “lucky

for you… the Captain seems to have quite the soft spot for you, hm? He was blabbering on the whole time you were rushing over, something about abyssal mates and needing one before he died of this “stupid disease”. Even mentioned you by name.” “Wh- huh?!”

Childe couldn’t process all of this properly, too well fucked and tired out, but his cheeks couldn’t help but turn red as he cuddled further into Capitano. *Mate*. His mate.

It’s never too early for porn 😩💕✨

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