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Cloe ✨



NSFW and I'm ashamed Kiyoomi's roommate was an incubus. And somehow he grew fond of this little blonde hair incubus. And this little annoyingly loud incubus needed human essence to survive, and Kiyoomi couldn't get those shining golden eyes out of his mind.

So Kiyoomi propositioned an agreement. Atsumu's true form only show when they have sex. Two little black horns at the top of his head, golden eyes nearly became black. Atsumu was red. He was flushed from his neck down to his back.

With a hard thrust, the incubus tightened his grip on the white bed sheet. His tail was wiggling for attention.

So Kiyoomi licked his lips and pulled the tail. If he knew how Atsumu would react to it, he would do it earlier. Atsumu gasped at the sudden motion, his legs started to shiver, and white loads oozing from his length.

Kiyoomi chuckled and leaned down, biting and sucking on the tender skin of Atsumu’s neck. "Stay still, okay?" Kiyoomi said as he spread Atsumu's legs with his knees. Atsumu only whimpered.

"Good boy." Kiyoomi smirked. What a cute demon he got.

I blame @wxnd3rstruck

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