fuck it, imma start again. this entire thread's dedicated to archiving/keeping track of instances of anti-lolisho/anti-fiction people being outed as predators, creeps & more. START!

1) @/DrPizza

2) @/abtinvevo

3) @/Amir0x

4) @JulianDreamLand, sexuallly abused a minor he was "dating".

5) the UN urged Japan to ban lolicon, later had a member jailed for sexual abuse

this isn't exactly an uncommon thing with the UN either. their member have been caught abusing people before, with 1/3 of the victims being kids.

6) @/NAFEDUDE, admitted to raping his sister.

7) @/ani_the_uwu_, admitted to liking little boys in someone's DMs

8) @/TheReplySeeker, "dated" (AKA abused) an 11 year old.

link to twitlonger archive:

9) @/empathchan, said some CREEPY shit on Discord

10) @/G_Padraic, turned out to be an ACTUAL sex offender.

11) a case that happened pretty recently (October 2021) @/NeegusMan (name Shino), an alleged "pedo hunter" who downloaded real CSEM/CP & streamed it on Discord to a lolicon, making fun of said lolicon when he reacted poorly to it.

12) Akamatsu Naoki, a male feminist who attacked lolicon & moe content, turned out to be a serial rapist in the past when he was arrested (some of his victims being minors).

13) Drake_Dragsaw (username @/ChandlrChainsaw), sent sexual DMs to 13 & 14 year old girls. (two of the screenshots here are him sending messages to lolicons)

14) @/mugendaiyo

15) @/LailaMickelwait, secretly stored, shared & tweeted CSEM/CP on her account.

on the topic of a Haiti child kidnapper (Laura Silsby), Laila is completely silent but when it comes to lolicon she has no problem with dunking on it.

16) @/ZuraJanai_MikDa

17) @/mjarbo

18) @/Id0l0mantises, showed underage TMNT incest porn on their callout of the Rise artists to minors, later posted it AGAIN on a Tumblr ask (raisinrat is one of their aliases).

there's actually an old callout post for this guy, one which I'll link before. it's kind of shitty, but it does have some pretty fucked up shit included about this guy & what he did in the past.

19) @/creepshow_art, made a video about a trans artist who was a CSA survivor & called them a pedo for what they drew, inciting harassment against them. Later exposed for having underage nudes of another youtuber & generally being a POS

Need I mention that Creepshow ALSO asked to be given a video of a minor being raped & offered money for it?

20) @/dogwives, exposed as a rapist who attempted to excuse their actions by saying that they were drunk.

21/22) @/VitoGesualdi & @/LackingSaint, both condemned loli but praised Cuties, a movie that sexualizes real underage girls.

honestly some of the people on this list are most like hypocrites than anything else

23) @/V4ushV (censored), said the AOC should be lowered, sexually harassed a girl years ago & said people shouldn't condemn others for viewing CSEM/CP if they're not paying for it.

24) @/HaynauGaming, bashed loli, proceeded to say that finding teenage girls hot was fine.

25) @/cnn, complained about Japan not making loli illegal, has one of its producers outed as a pedophile.

26) @/sony, censored playstation games with sexual content, vp later cuaght in a pedophile sting video 2 years later

27) @/catakoyaki, groomed a minor

28) @/catboyranch, went after lolisho, was in a discord server full of adults & minors being sexual towards eachother.

little addition: one of the mods responses towards someone questioning them about it

dimitri's tweet about the whole situation

29) @/Jas0nSunleaf (name altered), admitted to staring at underage girls chests.

30) @/WorkersParty1.....i got nothing to say here

31) icing on top of the shitcake, we got good ol' @/Frankdumpster

32) @/aquabl00ms (name altered), harassed a CSA survivor, turned out to be letting her brother follow her NSFW account & groomed him

33) @/Suspect_Tweetss, a gimmick account that would show off "problematic" art to their followers & call out artists. Posted poorly censored CSEM/CP to his account & got suspended.

some of his followeres requested to see it, luckily they were suspended.

34) @/kazkey4n4, drew a minor being raped by their sex traffickers & wished for them to get raped again.

35) @/anonemo103729292637, accused a minor artist (junospy) of being a pedo, made graphic rape threats towards them & posted CSEM & bestiality in their replies.

this situation went on FOUR. MONTHS. their accounts always got suspended but they kept coming back. @/junospy eventually deactivated because of it & left all social media.

36) @/altforprozetana/copiacum, accused numerous NSFW/SFW accounts of being pedophiles & harassed them, turned out to be a zoophile.

37) another @/cnn producer outed as a pedophile, Rick Saleeby.

38) @/ArttyCh4n (name altered), groomed a minor.

some more info on the situation

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