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Everyone says, "Learn marketing – it's the world's most powerful skill." But where the hell do you even start? Here's 12 psychological triggers that will teach you more about marketing than a four-year degree:

What you're going to learn in this thread: • 12 psychology triggers • What they are and how to use them • Examples of them used in the real world • How you can use them in your creator business So let's take a look...

1. The Decoy Effect → Consumers change their preference between two options when presented with a third option.

2. Center-stage effect → Studies indicate people are more likely to choose the middle option in a set of items.

3. Aesthetic-Usability Effect → Research proves that people perceive designs with great aesthetics as easier to use.

4. Social proof → The idea that humans adapt their behaviors based on what others do.

5. Scarcity → Research indicates that people value things more when they're in limited supply.

6. Group Attractiveness Effect → You can sell more of your product/service when you present items as part of a group:

7. IKEA Effect → When a person partially creates something, they perceive it to have higher value.

8. Loss aversion → People prefer to avoid losses more than earning equivalent gains.

9. Labor Illusion → People value things more when they see the work behind them.

10. Priming → The idea that previous stimuli has an effect on a persons decision.

11. Bandwagon Effect → Users tend to adopt beliefs in proportion of others who have already done so.

12. Spark Effect → People are more likely to take action when little effort or commitment is required.

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TL;DR (Part I): 12 psychological triggers that will teach your more about marketing than a four year degree: • Group Attractiveness Effect • Aesthetic-Usability Effect • Center-stage Effect • Bandwagon Effect • The Decoy Effect

TL;DR (Part II): • Loss aversion • Labor Illusion • Spark Effect • Social proof • IKEA Effect • Scarcity • Priming

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