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Seed and vegetable oils. What they actually are, how they're harming everyone's health and how to detox from them once and for all. A thread.

Seed and vegetable oils are everywhere nowadays and we can blame them for a lot of our health problems. If you take 95% of today’s packaged foods that are in any food store and look at the ingredient list, you’ll notice that they contain some kind of seed oil in them and the

question is why? How did a (literally) failed soap project end up on our plates? Bur first things first. Calling seed oils “oils” is a lie. These are not oils. If you take a bunch of olives and squeeze them you can get actual “oil” out of them but if you take a bunch of

seeds and squeeze them you’ll get nothing. So how are these corporations making oils out of seeds exactly? Well first, they gather the seeds they want to make an “oil” out of, such as GMO soy, cotton, rapeseed most of which are owned mostly by just 4 companies (2 in reality).

Then these “seeds” are heated to extremely high temperatures obviously causing the seeds to oxidize creating extremely powerful and cancerous byproducts. (Something that should not be ignored since cancer patients can not possibly recover from cancer if they keep eating seed

oils. Seed oils can also directly cause cancer since they destroy our metabolism and cancer is a metabolic disease at its core). Then the seeds are processed with a petroleum-based solvent such as hexane to maximize the amount of “oil” extracted from them. Petroleum......

Next they use more chemicals to deodorize the oils since they smell horrendous and finally more chemicals are added to improve their color. Now how is this actually good for us? We’re consuming cheap gasoline but yet this poison is hidden everywhere these days.

Cottonseed oil (a common seed “oil”) in several studies decreased the lifespan of mice in half. HALF. Not only that, but it made them severely sick for their entire lifespan. Their quality of life was pretty bad. They were in a zombie-like state.

These "oils" remodel the cardiolipin structure of mitochondria (the energy centers of the cell) causing cellular death and leakage of potassium they destroy our metabolism and should be avoided. You’ve probably also heard the terms saturated and unsaturated fat.

Seed oils are unsaturated fats which are more reactive to oxygen since they lack hydrogen atoms (leading to oxidative stress and disease). Oxidized PUFA can be dangerous when in our bodies, especially since oxidative damage to fat-containing LDL particles is a primary factor

in the development of heart disease. And an omega-6 rich diet greatly increases oxidized LDL levels and thus causing serious heart problems. The more PUFA we eat, the more that accumulates in our bodies' adipose tissue.

So they age us, increase estrogen and other stress hormones (which are the primary drive of cancer (cancer cells also are known to have very high levels of unsaturated fat and when a diet is rich in unsaturated fats, tumors grow very rapidly) and since every cell in your body

needs “fat” (every cell membrane is made out of fat/cholesterol), when you’re not consuming saturated fats but unsaturated fats, your cell membranes will be made out of these poisons and you’ll have suboptimal protection against harmful everyday compounds.

Seed oils/PUFAs also mess with our digestion in a very unique way. They literally destroy our bodies ability to digest food. Not just seed oils. ANY food resulting in insufficient absorption of nutrients and sickness as a result of that.

Your digestion is the tool our body has in order to absorb everything it needs in order to function properly. If our digestion is messed up, we become dysfunctional by default. Now in Israel, there is a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease, hypertension,

non insulin dependent diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases(*) and cancer which seems to be caused by PUFAs since there is a lack of other environmental pollutants and habits that could lead to these diseases (you can look up “the Israel paradox”).

(*)PUFAs weaken the immune system's function in ways that are similar to the damage caused by radiation. Notice that diabetes is included there. Seed oils/PUFAs are a bigger cause for diabetes than sugar. It goes back to the fact that they cause oxidative destruction of

mitochondria which oxidize carbohydrates for energy. PUFA metabolites (leukotrienes) might even trigger Type 1 diabetes which is an autoimmune condition (the beta-cells of the pancreas get attacked by the immune system and over time this leads to their destruction and inability

to produce insulin). PUFA metabolites may also drive lots of bacterial infections and make people resistant to already very strong antibiotics which destroy their microbiomes. PUFA consumption has been shown to greatly affect mood disorders also.

Linoleic acid increases the expression of nuclear factor NF-kB, the transition of NF-kB stimulates pro-inflammatory cytokines which have a negative impact on the CNS. So PUFA might not only affect existing mood disorders but also cause them.

Now by stating that seed oils are bad, we’re not saying that every single one of them is bad for your health. Blackseed oil for example can be a miraculous health tool for a lot of conditions. When we mention seed oils from now on please keep in mind that we’re referring to

oils such us: sunflower oil, almond oil, canola oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil and in general oils that did not exist 2000 years ago.

PUFAs can also decrease testosterone by up to 300ng/dL. The Leydig cells are the primary source of testosterone and androgens in males. Now the free radicals that PUFAs create, will damage the Leydig cells and cause a drop in testosterone levels by even up to 30% in 21 day.

So, how to detox from seed and vegetable oils? Step 1: Stop consuming these oils. Step 2: Up the saturated fats, vitamin E and C. Step 3: Get in the sauna 2-3 times a week from 10-20 minutes. Step 4: Slowly lose body fat if you're a male over 14% bf and a female over 17% bf.

Step 5: Bee pollen Buy it from a local beekeeper if you can. Step 6: Acerola cherry and pomegranate juice with no pulp unless you want to megadose on phytoestrogens. Step 7: Daily teaspoon of coconut oil Step 8: Optimize thyroid performance

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