"Higher Omi-kun!" "What kind or sloppy receive was that?" "Practice is kicking your ass today, huh?" Kiyoomi is fuming. Atsumu has been a brat to him all day long, criticising everything he's doing on the court (and even outside).

He knows his boyfriend is annoying but never like that. He wonders what has happened to him when Atsumu runs home after practice. To their home. Kiyoomi follows his usual routine before heading to their appartment too. He enters, and there he finds a vision to behold.

Atsumu, naked, on his knees, dick already hard against his delicious thighs. "I bet you are really annoyed right now, huh?" Kiyoomi doesn't understand...until it clicks. Last month, they lost an important game because of his own sloppy receive for the last point.

He was furious. To blow some steam, he fucked Atsumu right when they were back at their hotel room. Right on the floor, going rough on the setter. They both came three times this day. Atsumu admitted it was the best sex he's ever had. Atsumu is hard for his angry boyfriend.

At the thought, Kiyoomi hardens in his pants, he palps his dick, begging to be slid into something. "Oh, you have no idea." He looks at Atsumu with dark, greedy eyes. He approaches his boyfriend, looking at him from above. He seems so vulnerable and pleading from this angle

"So hot" He thinks to himself. He lowers the elastic of his jogging and his boxer at once, until the middle of his thighs and frees his dick, having it just in front of Atsumu. "Let's put that mouth to better use then, shall we?" Atsumu nods, completely silent.

He starts jerking Kiyoomi with his hands, spitting in them in order to slide it better. After a mix of saliva and precum has been splayed all around Kiyoomi's cock, Atsumu goes for it, mouth open, licking the tip, slow at first, then more quickly.

"Fuck, you can't even take it all, what are you a dog?" Atsumu, looks up, and as if on cue, he starts to swallow all of Kiyoomi, slowly until he reaches his lower belly with his nose.

"That's how I prefer your mouth Atsu. Made to welcome my cock." He sees some tears in Atsumu's eyes, but he quickly moves his head. Kiyoomi moans, relishing on the sheer pleasure of having his boyfriend on his knees, ready to take him. He remembers the bratty attitude

of his boyfriend earlier and his thoughts darkens. He grabs Atsumu's hair to stop him, which earns a whimper from the man below. He leans in a bit, so his face is closer to Atsumu's. "It's my turn to set the pace now, love." He retreats, sends a questioning look to

Atsumu to ask if he is ready, to which Atsumu nods. It's go time then. Kiyoomi smiles wickedly as he moves Atsumu's head along his cock, just to remember the feeling of it. "Such a good cockslut for me, huh?" Atsumu whines. After going slow at first, Kiyoomi starts

moving his hips, properly fucking his boyfriend's mouth, hoping it will fuck away bratty Atsumu. "Can't believe all the shit you swung at me today. Only because you wanted to be seen as you are. A needy little whore, wanting to be fucked from

all sides. Should've asked some of our teammates to join, your butthole must feel so lonely right now. Wanting to be filled and abused like your mouth is." Kiyoomi doesn't know what he is saying anymore. He is losing himself in the pleasure, in the trust Atsumu

has placed in him and the look of his eyes rolling to the back of his head. This is just too perfect and this is only the beginning. His pace quickens, chasing for his release. With Atsumu moaning around his cock, it arrives faster than he anticipated and

he comes inside Atsumu throat, hot liquid dripping out of his mouth. He stays with the warmth around his length, savouring this, for a moment, before he releases Atsumu from his grip. Atsumu inhales sharply after being freed. Kiyoomi sees how Atsumu's cock is shining

with precum, ready to unload with a fleeting touch. But Kiyoomi has other plans for Atsumu and his dick. He lowers himself, crouching to be in front of Atsumu. He extends his hand and catches some of his own cum from the corners or Atsumu's mouth.

"Hopefully, this will wash away your bad words, love." \\fin

Sorry I forgot to tag the nsfw 😭😭😭 but as it was in a nsfw challenge... I'm sorry!

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