Raj Bhagat P #Mapper4Life

Raj Bhagat P #Mapper4Life



#Thread: Since this image has been circulating a lot about a lake in #Bengaluru, posting this short thread.

The "lake" in question is the one marked in black circle over here. It along with the blue one have both been classified as "waterbody/lake" in BDA's RMP 2015

LandSat Satellite image from ~1990s shows the area (marked in red) where stone quarries and NOT lakes

In 2000, the quarry site contained stagnant rainwater that typically accumulates in such stone quarries

Like this

By late 2000s the quarry seems to be active

The quarry was later filled and this is its current state now

What these tell is that a quarry site has been wrongly classified by BDA as a waterbody. How to preserve or use quarry sites is a different story. But this is not a waterbody nor had it been. Water stagnant in quarrysites have different issues too.

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