miyacest // the first time osamu manages to get a food stall at one of MSBY's games is also when said match is one of atsumu's most important matches to date. so what happens is this: +

atsumu hiding out behind osamu's stall, crouched down, head in hands. his brother's presence—or rather just his legs, from this position—is a comfort. he listens as osamu sells onigiri after onigiri, to excited customers. +

his voice as he welcomes them to his stall and thanks them for their purchase fills atsumu with warmth. he wants to stay here. doesn't want to get out there and play the match. even though it's so important. even though it might just cement him as one of japan's top setters. +

he doesn't even think he could stand right now, let alone run around a court. shit, /shit/. atsumu can't do this. but then— warm hands on his cheeks. knees bumping against his own. atsumu opens his eyes to find his twin crouched right there in front of him, holding him. +

"tsumu," he says gently, "it's nearly time for you to go." atsumu shakes his head. he doesn't want to. osamu watches him for a moment, before flipping his cap backwards and pressing his lips to atsumu's. the kiss is so gentle. so soft. +

subtle, but they're also in a public space. it's the best they're going to get. and that's better than nothing. they pull apart, and osamu tells him, "i'll be here supporting you the whole time. just look over and you'll see me." +

"we might not be playing facing towards you," atsumu mutters. "in the next set then. when you switch. change of courts, remember?" "fuck. right." how could atsumu have forgotten? "fuck, samu, i don't know if i can do this." +

this time, osamu puts his hand behind atsumu's head and pushes their foreheads together. then he says, with utmost determination and conviction, "you can. you will. and i'll be here watching the whole time." atsumu manages to huff out a laugh. "that's more pressure, samu." +

"then i won't watch," osamu responds simply. but... atsumu doesn't want that either. he pouts. is there really no winning in this situation? +

"come on, tsumu." osamu stands up and holds out a hand. "i'm counting on ya to boost my sales. you gotta get so famous people think i'm you. 'miya atsumu sells onigiri'." he grins, sticking his tongue out. +

atsumu rolls his eyes. "figures you'd use that to yer own advantage." he takes osamu's hand and lets himself be pulled up. he finds that he's steady on his feet. maybe it won't be so bad after all. "oh, like ya wouldn't do the same." +

"already have," atsumu retorts, thinking about a few incidents back in high school that osamu definitely doesn't know about. "what?" osamu says, clearly curious, but it's too late now. atsumu swore he would never tell osamu, and he does really have to go. +

osamu continues to ask what it is atsumu is talking about, but then a customer arrives and he has no choice but to serve them. atsumu uses the opportunity to get away, calling, "thanks samu! i'll see ya after the game," as he goes. +

osamu calls out after him, "good luck!" and atsumu smiles. it's going to be a good match.

// and then atsumu plays the best he ever has and later on tells osamu he's his good luck charm and therefore must attend every match :') osamu is like: sure, but only if you get me a stall every time atsumu: just who do you think i am? +

osamu: japan's latest up and coming setter, clearly and then atsumu is all blushy and shy 🥰💖💖

(for a cc anon, bc my response was too long to fit in the box lol)

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