Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 9 🦊 Technology // implied non-consensual exhibitionism, Osamu/other In this story Atsumu and Osamu have a bet going to sleep with someone from each continent (not including Japan)

Ring. Ring. The phone on Atsumu's bedside table lights up. Squinting at the screen he sighs and answers. "What cha want so early?" He grumbles.

He can hear shuffling and an extended sigh. Atsumu checks his screen to confirm OSAMU (ASSHOLE) is illuminated upon it. “Oh fuck,” he hears. Atsumu sits up in bed, that’s definitely his brother. His voice sounds further away but he’d know it anywhere especially like /that/.

The muted rustling sounds continue. Atsumu isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be listening to this. Who exactly was Osamu with? “Ah, keep going” - a woman then. She sounds pleased, Atsumu isn’t sure he should stay on the line.

“Hey, take this jersey off,” The woman mumbles, “MSBY what’s that anyway? ” oh. Oh. This was intentional. There was no way Osamu just happened to be wearing Atsumu’s jersey and call him mid-coitus. He wants Astumu to hear this.

His pulse slams up into his ears and then defuses further south as he hears more movement and muffled sounds of pleasure. Osamu says something low and soft to the woman and she laughs before the mood seems to shift and the sounds grow more urgent.

He could practically feel Osamu’s moves through the grunts and moans spilling out of the phone. He couldn’t help but reach down and palm himself, slip his hand down his shorts and jerk himself to the tempo of the noise.

He imagines the way Osamu usually slams into him and briefly considers the idea of Osamu slamming him /into/ this woman, he trusts his brother's taste. The echoing sound of skin meeting skin spurs him on.

The woman makes a sharp gasp and a low moan, surely cumming on Osamu’s generous cock. The pace of the bed thumping picks up and Osamu must have that cute little concentrated face he makes before orgasm.

If he was there, Atsumu would reach down to stop him, to force his twin to slow down and fuck Astumu into a second orgasm. The thought of the oversensitivity and each electric touch make his own touch sweeter.

Osamu’s apparent release was paired with a moan, perhaps over-exaggerated for better enojoyement via the phone speaker, but it was effective. Half memory and half fantasy of Osamu’s hands all over this woman and all over him left him hot and thrusting into his hand with fever.

With great effort, Atsumu keeps silent with one arm slung over his mouth as he frantically spilled into his hand.

After catching his breath and wiping the mess on a tissue he retrieves the phone from where he dropped it on the bed. The call is still running. He listens to the sound of Osamu’s breath and the woman’s coos for a few moments before hanging up and rolling back over to sleep.

In the morning he had a message that said: 1 continent down, 6 to go

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