fara⁷♡'s enoor

fara⁷♡'s enoor



Yoongi and Jungkook moments that stay close to my heart -a yoonkook thread

starting with this one, cause i could never explain how much I love this clip

the big smile on jungkook's face when he showed shooky to yoongi 😭

tears in my eyes :')

them being chaotic together, with the biggest smile on Jungkook's face and one hand inside Yoongi's pocket 😭

they are soooo cute

their smiles 😭😭😭

"love" pls they are so cutee

Just Yoongi patting Jungkook's hair is so cute to me :((

yes boop the nose jungkook >.<

end the thread with this heartwarming edit of yoonkook

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