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Give me 2 minutes and I'll boost your discipline than any self-help guide would in 5 years

1. Set realistic goals Without a clear goals, it's hard to choose a path to follow Here's how to set a clear goal; β€’ Think on what you want to achieve β€’ Break it down to more achievable bits β€’ Visualize the process β€’ Take a course of action

Make your goal; β€’ Specific β€’ Measurable β€’ Actionable β€’ Relevant β€’ Time-bound

2. Establish a clear plan A plan cuts the long chase by a half Set aside 30 minutes a day to work on the plan Do this; β€’ Carry a pen and a paper/notepad β€’ Set on a walk to a quiet place β€’ Write 3+ clear ideas Repeat this for 30 days. Small steps finally covers a mile

3. Boost your confidence To be successful, you must build confidence in yourself. A confident person is a disciplined one.

This will boost your confidence 5x more β€’ Take a daily cold shower β€’ Exercise 5x a week β€’ Approach 3 strangers a day β€’ Learn skills for fun Confidence gives you inner drive

4. Build healthy habits Good habits are the drive to a boosted disciplined self Build systems and habits and you'll gain discipline 3x faster Have systems that; β€’ Improves your productivity β€’ Boost your mood β€’ Shift your mindset It takes 6 months to build a strong habit

5. Set your priorities right You never lack time, it's only that your priorities are not inorder If you continue waiting for the "right time", then you'll wait and nothing will happen

Set straight priorities on your; β€’ Health β€’ Finances β€’ Social life Use your morning hours or bed time to set what you prioritize

6. Delay your gratification You must invest in time for anything to grow in your life. Quiet your thoughts and let nature take control. Work in packs of 100 day then evaluate the outcome Fast results are blinding.

7. Practice self care. Take care of yourself. Act swiftly but easy, don't attach yourself to a certain outcome. If it get tough; β€’ Learn β€’ Change your tactic β€’ Try again Your reward is always on the other of the sidewalk

8. Hold yourself accountable Developing accountability puts you in control of the input You can do it or ask a friend to help you β€’ Set a goal β€’ Write it down β€’ Have accountability check daily Increase gradually until you accustom the new level

9. Be consistent A habit take 6 months to embody Take reps everyday and you'll compound heavily Consistency > intensity When you get stuck β€’ Analyze your job β€’ Spot your current position β€’ Return to the basics and trace yourself.

Monday set the mood of the week I want the best from you. Follow @Wealth_Pil for daily updates on; β€’ Making money online β€’ Persuasive writing β€’ Business ideas β€’Creativity β€’ Life

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