Staying friends with a woman who turns you down after you've shown sexual interest in her is one of the reasons they keep thinking they can have their cake and eat it. Don't be the man who encourages this behaviour and still complains about it.

Here's a helpful analogy that should put things in perspective. When you approach a woman or interact w/ her, think of it as a football match. You should see yourself as one trying to score a goal and the woman as the goalkeeper from the opposing team keeping your efforts away.

You either keep making attempts to score until the match has to come to an end... Or you switch positions to allow any of your other teammates make their own attempts. But you never switch to her own team for the reason that she's been denying your chances.

Choosing to join an opposition team because the goalie keeps your balls out. If that thought sounds stupid... Then imagine how stupid it sounds to become mere friends with a girl because she rejects your sexual advances. That's certainly not an option you should entertain.

You either keep making known your sexual intent (firing your shots). Or you step aside and let her live her life (switch wings so other teammates can try their shots too). But you never switch to her team (agree to become just friends with her).

The only exception to this would be if you've already been friends for a while and your advances only come as an afterthought. If the feelings developed over the time you both have been friends, you don't want to readily call off the friendship because she rejects the idea.

But that's a topic for another day. In the absence of this context, however, it'd be disappointing to agree to a platonic friendship after making known your sexual intent upfront.

If a woman denies you what you want while you keep giving her the things she wants, then you'd be stupid to still come out to say things like: "Women are ungrateful" Or "Women are entitled" Or "Women lack a sense of responsibility"...

Because it's these actions which encourage such behaviour in them. So, remember: you're a player on the pitch.

Once the match starts, score your goal or give space for others if you can't. If you don't want to play this game with her, then don't step into the pitch (i.e. establish a foundation of friendship right from the beginning of the relationship). A word is enough.

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