The girls at the elementary playground always loved the fastest kid… 😂 Guys always intuitively respect the fastest (most athletic) dude they know EVERYBODY KNOWS SPEED KILLS so here’s how you can SPRINT FASTER 🦿⚡️

SPRINTING is the quintessential athletic quality You should be able to start COLD (no warm-up) and break into an all out sprint without injury/pain(not that we recommend that OFTEN, but you should have the CAPACITY to) Did ur ancestors NEED to "foam roll and get loose"? 😂

If you can sprint pain free without too much warm up, it’s very unlikely that you have joint/muscular system dysfunction In daily life It’s also extremely telling of the state of society’s approach to the body as well

People think they lose the playful, fun movement qualities because they age... when in reality they age because they lose the qualities!!! (To an extent obviously) Point being- it's important to sprint even if your goal isn't to be a track star.

our cofounder @kdotuntamed is an example of sprinting at the highest level (10.2 sec FAT 100m dash, 4.3 sec Laser 40 yd dash) and naturally doesn’t have joint pain, can move well, but also is very muscular, lean, etc

@KdotUntamed sprinting is a first order principle, and very high leverage/ROI in that way Thus, & AGAIN, training to sprint should be a priority for everyone, not just athletes! So let’s get into how we can get better at this in your regimen

@KdotUntamed Firstly, let’s talk about SPEED So many people are really really mistaken, on what creates it It is a problem in the fitness industry as a whole, a metaconcept that covers the West as a whole “grind grind hustle culture epidemic that we see today”

@KdotUntamed People think that applies to sport, or speed it DOESN’T this is a horrible extension of what bad sport coaches have created Guys who were shitty athletes but wanted to be decent who think GRRR HARD WORK will make their kids Usain Bolt

@KdotUntamed You running endless reps, tiring yourself out, pushing to the limit, dragging sleds, repeated hill sprints, will NOT make you faster It will get you in better cardiovascular shape, or make you stronger But will NOT make you faster

@KdotUntamed What DOES make you faster? Minimum effective dose, full recovery, max effort sprinting at or near top speed. Period. Tracking speed and improvement over time. using accessory/plyo/drill work secondarily to improving weak links in the chain

@KdotUntamed What separates an average sprinter from an elite sprinter? (other than genetics) The amount of force applied to the ground in the most efficient way possible. ( Remember sprint on balls of feet, the front 1/3 area of your foot. NEVER HEELS.)

@KdotUntamed You want your strength training to mimic the aspects of good sprint form. Glute and Hip Flexor (psoas) dominant Hamstrings and Quads just SUPPORT the above two Training feet/ankle/lower leg to be STIFF and absorb/handle the force

@KdotUntamed Let's talk about sprint form there's two main aspects of it Acceleration (Drive Phase) & Top Speed (full sprint)

@KdotUntamed Acceleration Form Zero Step: from standstill (or blocks, if in a track race) to the first step hitting the ground. You want to PROJECT (think like a rocket) out of the first step, and you want to get your feet DOWN quickly.

@KdotUntamed More on acceleration:

@KdotUntamed Top End Sprint Form Tall, upright posture, shoulder mobility allowing for “big” arm action in back, high knee action (due to hitting ground hard, not necessarily “forcing” them up), high & fast hamstring recycling, stiff feet/ankles, dorsiflexion

@KdotUntamed -Dorsiflexion (Toes are pointed upwards, flexing the tibialis muscle) •Allows you to apply the maximum force into the ground by landing on the balls of your feet. (When you hear people say “run on your toes” •Prevents “over striding”

@KdotUntamed ARMS The faster you pump your arms, the faster your legs move. -Your hands should never pass your chin & not go too far behind you hips. Think: “Mouth to hips” Focus I’m driving the elbows back... -Your elbows should always be within 2-4 inches of your body at all times.

@KdotUntamed Ok, now this is probably the most difficult piece of the puzzle. RELAXATION Sounds weird right? “Sprinting full effort, BUT being relaxed? How is that possible?” RELAX YOUR FACE & the body will follow. Crazy right? Look at the Italia athlete vs Great Britain

@KdotUntamed This is why bodybuilders are super slow. ALL of their strength is trained while being chalk full of tension- if you want carryover of athleticism, you have to be relaxed while producing force.

@KdotUntamed The last thing is understanding that rotation is still involved in sprinting. Many times you hear “stay in a straight forward line” and while that’s partially true, the best sprinters go straight forward fast from driving rotation in and out as the hip extends & cycles

@KdotUntamed Much like the body’s internal health functions like a holistic system, so does sprinting. Learning how to run smooth, coordinated, and neurally syncing output at different muscle groups will make you run faster.

@KdotUntamed which I want to reiterate, is best trained BY sprinting itself we do use some unique applications in strength training that do help, shown below

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