Lyss✨ (midnights version)

Lyss✨ (midnights version)



#sakuatsu | a / b / o Royalty AU “I am no mother, I am no bride, I am king” Prince Atsumu, omega born, is set to take the throne of the Inarizaki Kingdom after the tragic deaths of his parents. The kingdom is in uproar about an omega being their king, demanding that Alpha-

Born Osamu, who was delivered merely minutes after Atsumu, take his place. The youngest Prince refuses, already engaged to the love of his life and wanting nothing to do with politics and ruling a kingdom.

In a society where your dynamic determines your worth; omegas good for nothing but baring pups and pleasing their Alphas or Betas. It is unheard of an omega becoming king. It’s blasphemy. It’s heinous. But there’s nothing in their laws that state the first born son cannot be-

An omega just as long as he is the first born son. Reluctantly the prince’s coronation is set but not without the announcement of his engagement of the Itachiyama’s Kingdom’s youngest Prince, Kiyoomi.

Raised to be a king himself, in case anything happened to his siblings, the Prince is more than prepared to lead Inarizaki with Atsumu as his Queen. It leads to a not so harmonious meeting between the two fiancé’s

Atsumu now must prove to not only his kingdom but to his fiancé that he is more than a just body for carrying pups and more than someone to pleasure his Alpha. He is the rightful /King./ and refuses to let anyone tell him otherwise.

Idk where I’m going with this but I want kick ass omega King Atsumu who rules a kingdom with his sharp wit, strategic mind, and ability to play the game of politics. And maybe he falls in love with his Queen while he’s at it 😌

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