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The Art Of Moving On --- A Thread ---

Having your heart broken by someone you thought you would spend the rest of your life with can be an agonizing experience. It hurts so bad that you feel everything is lost. But wait, don't lose hope, because the truth is, you haven't lost anything. Read on...

Here are 5 powerful ways to get on with your life after you've parted ways with someone.

1. Feel your emotions First things first, don't lock up your emotions, because they will keep piling up within you and slowly eat you away. Remember, feeling pain is better than being numb. Cry it out. Express it. No one's going to judge you.

If you truly want to take care of yourself, you got to take care of your emotions. You can't get rid of your sadness without feeling it. So, accept your pain, process it, express it and then finally, let it go.

Having said that, don't let your emotions overpower you, because they don't own you. They're simply your guests. Sit with them for a while and then allow them to pass.

2. Talk to someone Sometimes, heartbreaks don't allow you to think rationally. So, it's better you get out of your mind and talk to someone whom you can trust. Pour your heart out to them and tell them how they can help you.

A heartfelt conversation can turnaround your life. Don't be afraid to share. Remember, no one has it all figured out. It's absolutely okay to ask for help.

3. Exercise You must be wondering how will excercise help you move on? Well, excercise is one of the most effective self-care techniques. If you feel good in your body, you will feel better in your heart and mind as well.

4. Meditate Meditation is magical. It is a medium to connect with God. Once you're surrendered unto Him, you don't have to worry about anything. He will take care of you. Have faith.

5. Practice self-love Loving someone else doesn't mean you stop loving yourself. Never forget, you cannot truly love someone else until you learn to love yourself wholeheartedly.

Here's how you can practice self-love 1. Prioritise your needs 2. Learn to say no 3. Indulge in activities that make you happy 4. Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones 5. Stop comparing yourself with others 6. Practice gratitude 7. Have a healthy routine

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