Let talk about #GoatFarming and its economics importance. #Thread Don,t let me bore u with my farm English, How can you start a goat farm?, Startup requirement Housing? Grazing? Feeding and medication? Market. These and many more is what i will be discussing in the next tweets

Goat farming is simply commercial rearing of various breeds of goats (or a single goat breed) in a confined environment or an expanse of land. It involves raising goats for various purposes like; dairy production, meat, fiber, and multiple other purposes.

Like poultry farming,fish farming and other agribusinesses turn in high revenues when well executed and managed,goat farming is another lucrative business young graduate and educated unemployed youths should consider as many people are yet to realize the huge potentials.

This venture requires no or little capital to start.Very lucrative and untapped opportunities. This business is not for the Northerners only, goat thrive well in any part of the country. Its not a rocket science to start one.

To start a goat farm, you need to have a good shelter arrangement for the goats. Its also advisable you have a large expanse of land (pasture) for grazing the goats. you must also have the zeal and will to venture into this lucrative business.

You must start the farm with a very good breed as your parent stock. Good flock will multiply exponentially within short period of time with less stress. SELECTING UR BREED There are several types of goat breeds. However,few are reared in Nigeria because of our tropical weather.

1. West African Dwarf Goat 2. Red Sokoto (Maradi) 3. Boer goat of South Africa origin Of all the above mentioned, West African Dwarf is the commonest and cheapest to manage. The Boer goat are hybrid goats with lots of flesh.

I do advise starters to start with African dwarfs, You can buy or be gifted by long time rearers. To start a herd, get male animals of above a year of age with wide deep chest, well-sprung ribs, and strong hindquarters.

A buck can serve 20 does. A buck is the male goat, you can get one for 8k. However,I do advise 1 male to 10 females for effectiveness. A doe (female) should have at least two pairs of teats. Must be haelthy and well fed.

You can also source for offsprings from twins. They reproduce well. Goat can give birth twice in a year when adequately managed. A quarantine period of 30 days should be observed in bringing freshly purchased animals into a flock. This gives ample time for observation and attack

by any disease. Buy from the villages or from friends and family. Avoid buying startup breed from the market to reduct the possibility of diseases transfer. HOUSING Goats should be housed to protect them from bad weather rain, sun and wind. Each adult goat should be allowed

a floor space of 1.5 m2. For example if one has 10 goats then the house/pen should be 1.5 x 10 which 15 m2. Build a house with either bamboo or mud with thatched roof. Space required is about 1.5-2 sq. m. per animal House should be open on one side. Walls up to 1.2 m on the other

three, with a gap of 0.5 m to 0.8 m between the walls and roof, to provide sufficient ventilation without drought. Housing cud be on raised floor made of bamboo with d thatched roof covering mid-way into the pens on both sides.Feeding &watering trough (concrete,metal or plastic),

Weighing scale and or weighing tape,Wheel barrow,Shovel,Buckets,Rain boots,Lab.Coat,Hand gloves,Head pan(Bowl),Ear tags,Log book,Hooves trimmer and Burdizzo sud be provided. Its also important you fence you farm land to curtail the movement of the herds.Use a barbwire.

FEEDING Goats pay very close attention to the kind of food they eat. They focus on the accuracy and details of their meals. Because of their mobile upper lips and very prehensile tongues, they are easily able to browse on very short grass, and to feed on foilage not usually

eaten by other domestic livestock. Goats have very good feeding habits. They can feed on a wide variety of animal food, but would refuse any feed that has been soiled by them or by any other animal. Feed adult animals with hay or crop residue plus legume hay at 1-2 kg/animal/day

Cassava, Maize, soyabean, cowpea, millet, Rice bran or sorghum straws obtained after harvesting can be collected, treated and given to the animals free choice. Dissolve about 0.5 of ash made from cocoa pod husk or 1kg ash from palm bunch into a bucket of water to make a

lye solution. Soak as much of the straw as possible into the solution and leave it overnight. Feed it straight the next morning or dry for some few hours before feeding, to increase intake. Animals can then be allowed to graze or browse afterwards.

For pregnant does, and freshly weaned animals, it may be necessary to feed some concentrate consisting of 40% W/O,25% BDG/RB,25% PKC,and 10% cassava peels or cowpea husk, 1% vitamin and 1% salt or supplement with 200g DM of legume fodder per day in the last 2 months of pregnancy

and up to weaning at 3 months post partum. Consult with vet doctors for vaccination and drug prescription when you notice disease outbreak. In coming days, I will discuss how you can make quality cheap goat meal for fattening.

MARKETING Goat market is readily available.Goat meat has a unique taste and smell. Goats are on high demands during festive periods such as Ileya, Christmas and New year celebration. You can also sell to joints around your neighborhood. Goat is used for Suya,Asun and pepper soup

U can also sell to slaughter-men in you locally. Sell to restaurant & Buka owners. U can also slaughter them, dress, process and frozen for cooperate buyers. Goat milk is highly valued in the cosmetic industry, you can sell goat milk to people who needs it for making cream.

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