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"You need multiple income streams" Yes, but not in the way you're thinking Let me explain how my 7 companies work

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These are all "different streams" But not really It's all one funnel, or even more so, a circle

All of these companies sell to the same niche. Marketers, agency owners, freelancers, salespeople They are all offers that cohesively solve one category of issues one group of people experience

You can enter the funnel or "circle" at whatever point and logically proceed to another point This is what I've deemed an "LTV play" (lifetime value)

This arose after running a lead generation agency and selling a cold email guide I would personally be paying other software companies for solutions And people buying the guide would be paying for the software

I would get customer support questions about software I didn't own. I wasn't going to ignore the questions Didn't make sense I wasn't get paid for it though.

So from December 2020 to November 2021 the only thing we were doing was coming to "own the offers" Me and my various partners job over the course of that 11 months was to develop our own solutions for every conceivable problem the niche would have

This has therefore resulted in the 7 companies. The "funnel" is now "complete" Now your only job is pushing traffic to it

The 7 "income streams" grow in direct proportion to the scale of ANY ONE of them because they all cross-sell / mention the others. So you only need to GROW ONE OF THEM to grow the others

This is what people get wrong about "multiple income streams" You create entities that don't cohesively work together I don't run 7 companies I run 1 There's just 7 things

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