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Want to workout but don't have enough time? Here are 5 workouts that will burn fat in 30 minutes or less:

1. Supersets A superset is where you do 2 non-competing exercises together. An example would be doing a squat for 10 reps & then a bench press for 10 reps. Have a rest for 2-3 minutes then do 2 more sets. You can easily fit 6 exercises in half an hour.

2. Tri-sets A tri-set is where you do 3 non-competing exercises together. Example: Romanian Deadlift for 10 reps+ Bench press for 10 reps + A Farmer carry Have a rest for a couple minutes then do the tri-set for 2 more sets. You can do 6 total exercises in 20 minutes.

3. Escalating Density Training (EDT) An EDT is doing as many reps of 2 exercises in 10-15 minutes. Example: Do as many reps as possible for lunges then do the same for back rows. Keep alternating w/minimal rest. Do 2 rounds of a different set of exercises for a full workout.

4. Circuit Training Circuit training combines 6 or more exercises together for a set number of reps and rounds. Example: Do 10 reps of a Squat + Pushup + Lunge + Back Row + Plank + Sprint Rest for 3 to 5 minutes then do the circuit for 2 more rounds.

5. Density Circuits Density circuits combine 6 or more exercises together for a set of reps & rounds done within a time period. Example: 10 reps of a Squat + Pushup + Lunge + Back Row + Plank + High sprint Do as many rounds as possible within 20 minutes.

5 Ways to Burn Fat & Boost Metabolism in 30 Minutes or Less 1) Supersets 2) Tri-sets 3) EDT's 4) Circuit training 5) Density circuits The key is to do the exercises in a controlled manner, focus on using good form & stop yourself 1-3 reps from failure on each exercise.

You have 5 workouts that will get results in 30 minutes or less. Do these when you're strapped for time & want to get a quick workout in. Follow me @fitfounder and join 49,000+ high performers who get my newsletter every week:

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