#education - Fair Value Gaps (FVG) | Imbalance It was not easy to clearly identify how FVGs looked within my previous "Liquidity Grab + MSB Setup" post, so I thought it would be a good idea to address these areas that we are using for entries in another post, hope you enjoy❤️

If you are looking for an indicator that searches through and highlights these FVGs for you, I've attached an amazing one, made by my good friend @anche7o5, works like an absolute charm😍 check his twitter out whilst you are at it, my man is a PA KING🙌👑

In terms of where to enter and identify invalidation points (for SLs) with these FVGs, a strong trader I follow, @lotus_xbt posted their insight on how to play these zones today and I've been loving using this strategy since. That post is attached here🙌

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