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Miyacest The twins weren't identical but they could fake it pretty damn well. Sure they have practically the same face and up through highschool they could take tests for each other with no problem tricking the administration but they weren't actually identical.

Everything that Atsumu fought for came easily to Osamu. Everywhere that Osamu yielded, Atsumu refused. As they grew Osamus face sharpened, revealing high cheekbones and a jawline sharp enough to kill. Atsumu still had stubborn baby fat that won't ever melt away. +

Osamus skin smoothed out somewhere in their third year. Atsumu still fought zits daily and piled on makeup to cover the freckles that showed up some time in middle school and only barely faded in the dead of winter. +

Even without playing a sport Osamu was still crafted by the Gods, growing even taller and built like a brick shit house. Atsumu was a professional athlete that stopped growing in early highschool and counted every calorie to fight off love handles even in the regular season. +

Everywhere that they had been the same had changed. Everywhere that Atsumu thrived, Osamu withered. Everywhere that Atsumu compromised, Osamu refused. Atsumu compromised on his love but Osamus love would never budge. +

Everywhere that Atsumu couldn't love himself he would adore Osamu for. He would adore every sharp angle, every smooth line, every easy movement, every part of Osamu that he couldn't be. He would bring Osamu with him everywhere, never going where Osamu couldn't follow. +

Everything Atsumu compromised on Osamu would fight for. He saw soft curves, easy smiles, and stars littered across his skin, everything that Osamu craved to keep for himself. He would push Atsumu ahead, show him the places he should be with out him dragging him down. +

The twins love wasn't identical either. Atsumu loved silently in soft kisses, holding hands under the table, and hidden smiles. Osamu loved loudly with heavy declarations, hard grips, and screaming adoration. Atsumu would hide his love but Osamu would show it for the world. +

However their love would meet in the middle. In fast touches in small spaces, in stolen kisses under the covers, in bright paintings and loud music. Their love would meet with gold bands, tucked safely next to the hearts that beat in time. It would meet in easy routine. +

It would meet in screaming matches. It would meet in private kitchens. It would meet on centerstage. It would meet at first breath. It would meet at last light. The twins aren't identical but maybe they never needed to be. //fin

Idk what this is I just wanted something kinda mushy

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