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1/n Everyone quotes the Quran 2.256, stating Muhammad did not approve of forced conversions, but truth is otherwise. Read this thread on how Islamic Records themselves attest against 2.256.

2/n Muhammad was not that powerful when the tolerant 2.256 was revealed. But by the time when 9th Sura came, Muhammad had abundant power. And the very Sura explicitly calls for forced conversion and jizya. Read 9.29 in snippet.

3/n Abu Sufyan, visited the Muslim army camp in 630 AD, to convince Muhammad against war. Then the Meccan Leader was chased at the point of a sword & was also called to embrace Islam. Source: Ibn Ishaq

4/n Reading Ibn Ishaq, one would learn that this "embrace" of Islam was not by will of Abu Sufyan. Muhammad had complete acceptance of his "conversion” & began to use of Abu Sufyan for his political goals.

5/n After Islamizing Mecca, Muhammad began calling for the executions of all who had insulted him. One such man was his former scribe, Abdullah bin Sa’d, who is said to have transcribed Muhammad's “revelations”from Allah.

6/n He had lost faith in Muhammad, when the latter adopted suggested editing. Interesting, is it not that Muhammad himself had suggested edits (Allah’s word are supposed to be unalterable).

7/n Then he was supposed to beheaded in presence of Muhammad. But then he could save himself only after he chose to revert back to Islam. Here for my claims, I again cite Ibn Ishaq

8/n Poets who had mocked Muhammad were killed by Muhammad at Mecca. One such poet, Ka’b bin Zuhayr, saved himself by converting to Islam when he found that there is no other way to avoid extermination. Source: Ibn Ishaq

9/n As per Hadith, Sahih Muslim, many other Meccans converted to Islam under extreme threats. "They embraced Islam because they were defeated at your hands." -Sahih Muslim 4453

10/n Those forced conversions were fully recognized by Muhammad. It well proven by Bukhari 59.568, where he is found rebuking a soldier who had killed a person who had become Muslim just to save his life.

11/n Muhammad was spreading Islam by hook or crook. He often used captured wealth to buy loyalty. The same is well captured in Bukhari 53.373

12/n According to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad had gone to the level of capturing a man’s wife & children, to blackmail him for conversion.

13/n Islam had began to become political allegiance established by force. Md sent a man to Yemen with a military force. There a local pagan leader was told,“Testify that none has the right to be worshiped except Allah, or else I will chop off your neck." Source: Bukari 59.643

14/n According to Ibn Ishaq, during conversion of Thaqif Tribe, no heartfelt conviction was present. So it was indeed force.

15/n As per, Ibn Ishaq ,Taqifs accepted Islam & sent their couriers to Md to announce their conversion, & in return asked for a promise that they would no longer by harassed by the Muslims. They had also requested for a grace period before giving up their old faith completely.

16/n Interestingly the Taqifs, kept negotiating on grace period but Muhammad kept refusing. Indeed they were trying to save their women, children and self & were also not very keen to convert to Islam.

17/n Taqifs had no belief in Islam, but accepted it in the desperation of Muslim aggression. Powerful Muhammad had clear instruction to his armies. They were supposed to wipe out those who would not submit to Islam. Source: Ibn Ishaq

18/n As per Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad had congratulated a distant king on accepting Islam & “killing the polytheists”. Further he directed another military leader to invite a neighboring tribe to covert to Islam and slaughter upon refusal.

19/n A crucial point remains though is that all the writings on Muhammad (on being good or bad) are from second or third person, hence it is tough to assert his character. But most of the Islamic writings do agree, "Muhammad did forced conversions".

n/n One need to refute Bukhari, Sahih Muslim & Ibn Ishaq should they wish to state that "Muhammad did not support forced conversion."

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