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How do you make your brand the no-brainer choice for your customer? A thread

By winning their trust at their point of entry in the market. What is it? Market Entry is the point when a customer enters the market by purchasing the product for 1st time. For example: For a baby product, the point-of-entry would be new and to-be parents.

Why is point-of-entry marketing crucial? Think about any product you are using. When will you change its brand? Only if you are not happy with it or you get a way better deal. Right?

It is easy to convince customers to buy your product when they are in search of the best product, but once they have decided and started using another brand, it's very difficult and costly to change it. How to do point-of-entry marketing?

Build a relationship with them when they are in the process and mindset of selecting a brand. Some people do it consciously, while others are unconsciously shaped by the content they consume, brands their friends and relatives use and vouch for.

So, it’s important to know how your target audience is choosing the brands and target them via that channel. For e.g. the fashion audience mostly uses social media to discover new trends - So brands would use influencer marketing campaigns.

Real life example: Mamaearth It targets its audience for baby products by publishing content on maternal health & baby care. This introduces their brand and products to the audience while educating them. This makes them a reliable and preferred baby product brand.

If you can get a prospective customer’s attention as soon as they become interested in what you’re offering, your company becomes their benchmark. And thus, your chances of conversion multiply! If you like the thread, follow me for more!

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