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Job Application Email Sample Templates. Sending a job application email is quick and convenient & on the employer's end,it is easy to save,retrieve &share between decision-makers,As with a regular job application,one you send by email needs to be well-written and professional.

A) Things You Are Required To Include In Your Job Application Email ✍️ Your purpose of writing the email. ✍️ The job position you are interested in. ✍️ Your name and contact detail. Your educational qualifications, training and work experience.

✍️Your job application cover letter as attachment. ✍️If you are writing the cover letter in the email body,then not require to add it as an attachment. ✍️Your CV as an attachment. ✍️Any other additional documents that the employer mentioned as a requirement in job advertisement

B) Useful Tips For Writing A Job Application Email ✍️Address your job application email to a specific person. ✍️Open the salutation with Dear, followed by the title and name of the recipient. ✍️Mention where you found the job advertisement.

✍️Read the job advertisement carefully and address the key requirements in your job application. ✍️For the recipient's convenience, send the document attachments as PDF files.

C) Sample Templates For A Job Application Email Sample 1.

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

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