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How my agency booked 516 sales calls and generated $200k+ in revenue in 6 months All using a simple “one sentence” cold email strategy 🧵THREAD🧵

If you’ve been following my tweets for the past few months, You’ve definitely seen me preach how powerful a one-sentence cold email can be for cold outreach. Before I dive into why it works so well, I wanna talk about where we first got the idea from in the first place.

My partner @Bonnchri3 is in charge of scripts for my agency, So he does tons of research on cold email strategies that generate interested replies… One day, he stumbled on a blog breaking down a “9 word cold email” strategy that helped a yacht broker find buyers…

For 9 figure yachts. The entire cold email reads like this: “Are you still looking for a yacht?” That’s it. You’d think this has to be too simple to convert right? Well, you’d be dead wrong. Because of how casual the email is,

The recipient thinks the email was sent specifically for them, Making them more likely to reply back. Obviously, my agency isn’t in the business of selling yachts… But we had to test this strategy out for ourselves. We repurposed the strategy for our own outreach…

Starting with an email marketing client of ours. The email we started testing: “Do you use Klaviyo for email marketing?” We let it run for a few days… And replies started flooding in. Most of the replies were along the lines of “yes, we do use Klaviyo”…

Which opened the door for us to go in and pitch our clients’ email marketing services, Since it became 100% clear that email marketing was a relevant need for these prospects. This initial success proved to us that this strategy was a viable option for our other clients too.

We repurposed the framework for our other clients’ offers, And it’s worked tremendously well ever since. So why does this strategy work so well? - it’s not salesy - you get them to read the entire email in 3-5 seconds - you’re qualifying them with a question More below👇

📨 Non-salesy With how many solicitations people receive every day, They’ve got their guard up against pitches in their inboxes. Even if you have a killer offer, A long email will likely get skimmed over and get them to reply with an “UNSUBSCRIBE” in response.

With a one-sentence cold email, You are going to get replies that open the door for a conversation. This gives you a perfect opportunity to explain your services to prospects, Show them how they’ll benefit from working with you, And book meetings with them on calendar.

📨 Get your emails read No one has time to read a paragraph-long email from a stranger… Even a 3-sentence one, at that. By keeping the entirety of your email to a first line + one sentence question, Your email will be read EVERY time it’s opened…

Which, at the very least, Gives your email a fighting chance of receiving a response. If you don’t get a reply, No need to worry… Prospects will now be more likely to remember you when they receive your follow up emails 😉

📨 Using email to qualify them I get asked soooo often… “Andre, how can I be sure the prospects in the list I scraped will be qualified for my services?” Good news: With this strategy, you don’t need to worry about this, Because your one-sentence question qualifies them.

Think about it.. If you ask a simple “yes or no” question, the script qualifies prospects for you. Example: “Do you use Klaviyo for email” If they reply yes, great! They’re likely to be a fit for your services. If they reply no, they wouldn’t be a fit in the first place.

This is my favorite benefit of using the one-sentence strategy. It provides you with an extra layer of qualification that wouldn’t otherwise be possible… Making sure we only engage in conversations with prospects who have a need for what our clients offer 💪🏻

So, to recap, Using a one-sentence cold email helps to: - get prospects to read your email - start conversations with them - add an extra layer of qualification in your outreach

This simple strategy has legitimately generated hundreds of calls for our clients, And works extremely well across tons of different offers. Test this out with your own outreach and let me know how it converts!

If you’re interested in learning more about scripting strategies just like this one, Join @blackhatwizardd and I’s Telegram group -> We’ll be posting regular content in there that you won’t see on Twitter 🤫 See you inside!

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