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// omorashi, piss, crying, humiliation, smut se0nghwx cursed under his breath. the group was out to record another show and everyone used the toilet at the restaurant before they left-except for se0nghwx. he really didn't have to go then, but now he started to feel a slight +

pressure in his bladder. he looked around, but their shooting location was at the edge of a park with no public toilets or cafés in sight. he was about to ask one of the staff members but was interrupted by the producer shouting for everyone to get into position.

se0nghwx put his best smile on and joined the others. it took them three hours to record that segment and se0nghwx was glad they were given chairs for the last hour because any movement began to feel painful due to his full bladder. their work day was ended

by the producer yelling "cut!" and the members sighed in relief, relaxing in their chairs while they waited for their van to arrive. se0nghwx just happened to be sitting beside hongj00ng, so he turned to him "hongj00ng, i really have to pee, can you go search

for a toilet with me?" he whispered. "the car will be here any second. then you can go at the company building." hongj00ng replied, barely looking up from his phone. "but i really have to go." se0nghwx whined, squeezing his thighs together to stop anything from leaking out.

"it's a thirty minute drive i'm sure you'll be fine." hongj00ng responded and before se0nghwx could argue back, their van arrived. he waddled over and made sure to sit closest to the door, so he could leave the car first. he looked out at the sunset,

nervously fidgeting with his fingers while the other members used the little break to catch up on some sleep. there were a few occasions when se0nghwx swore he felt a few drops leaking out of him and it took a lot of will-power to control his bladder.

when they arrived he got out of the car slowly, assuming that any sudden movement would make him burst. when he began walking into the building hongj00ng caught up to him and took his hand "come to my studio, i need some opinions on the new track!"

"sure, but let me go to the toilet first." se0nghwx grunted out. the two said good bye to the the members who headed to the dance studios or vocal lessons and when se0nghwx was about to head towards the toilets, hongj00ng pulled him back "use the ones upstairs,

they're cleaner and i can set up everything in the studio instead of waiting here for you." se0nghwx protested but hongj00ng already pressed the elevator button. he shifted back and forth during their ride up and barely registered when hongj00ng gave

him a little kiss on the cheek because he was too busy keeping his bladder in check. they turned into the hallway and once again, hongj00ng pulled se0nghwx away from the bathroom door. "hongj00ng i really can't-" this time se0nghwx felt tears brimming in his eyes,

he was so fucking frustrated and angry at hongj00ng for not letting him take a one minute bathroom break. "no, i want to show you something first." hongj00ng calmly interrupted and tried pulling the elder towards his studio. "hongj00ng stop!" se0nghwx shouted this

time, the first tear slipping down his face. "not now. you look cute when you're angry." hongj00ng replied. se0nghwx was beyond speechless and before he could come up with an answer he stood in hongj00ng's studio. "sit." hongj00ng forced the taller onto his couch

before sitting in his desk chair and turning the computer on. "hongj00ng-" the smaller turned around to look at se0nghwx with a raised brow "please, i can't hold it anymore, please let me-" and suddenly, he lost control. hongj00ng watched as a very obvious wet spot

began spreading on se0nghwx's jeans, the sound of se0nghwx crying with humiliation mixing in with the hissing of the strong stream of piss. se0nghwx wasn't able to stop it, either, and the warm liquid soon pooled under his body and dripped onto the wooden floor,

forming another puddle there. the elder hid his face in his hands, pressing his legs together to somehow stop the stream - but to no avail. his bladder completely emptied itself and left se0nghwx sitting in a big puddle of piss under his ass, as well as his shoes.

he didn't even dare to look up when he sobbed "i'm so sorry. so sorry hongj00ng." he heard the elder get up from his chair and suddenly, a strong grip in se0nghwx's hair that pulled his head up. he was expecting to be screamed at or punched after seeing hongj00ng's

dark eyes, but the younger growled "that was so hot." "what?" se0nghwx choked out, more than confused. "it's the filthiest thing you've eber done. you know i like it messy, right?" hongj00ng continued, proving his point by shoving his tongue between se0nghwx's

parted lips. it took se0nghwx a few seconds to gather himself and kiss back, a little gasp coming from him when hongj00ng straddled his lap, weighing him further down into the warm puddle. he brought his hand around hongj00ng's neck and tilted his head, the lust

making him forget all about how disgusting this was. "want to touch your dirty little cock." hongj00ng breathed against his lips before bringing a hand down to massage into the dripping wet pants. se0nghwx groaned, his cock twitching at the feeling and the next

thing he knew, his jeans were opened and hongj00ng palmed at his hard cock, the wet underwear keeping him from direct skin contact. hongj00ng attached his lips to se0nghwx's neck to bite and suck the skin while his hand continued rubbing over the clothed length.

soon, hongj00ng leaned back, made eye contact with se0nghwx and brought his hand up to his mouth, placing his now wet fingers between his lips. the younger moaned at the taste while looking at se0nghwx with hooded eyes. the taller couldn't do much but stare, though

the gesture almost made him cum on the spot. his finger nails dug into hongh00ng's waist as he continued circling his tongue around the didgets in the most sinful way, never breaking eye contact with se0nghwx. "please touch me again." se0nghwx suddenly whined out,

his cock painfully hard in his underwear. hongj00ng smiled and pulled the fingers out of his mouth, giving se0nghwx a kiss to the forehead before looking down to concentrate on se0ngwhx. he hooked his fingers under the waistband and pulled it down to finally free

se0nghwx's cock. it was wet with piss anyways but there was an additional layer of precum pooling in the slit which hongj00ng used to smoothly pump se0nghwx's cock. the elder moaned and threw his head back, letting hongj00ng do his magic. the younger twisted and

turned his wrist in all the right ways, occasionally pressing his thumb into the slit. se0nghwx was a mess by now, the wetness around him making him so much more aroused.

"hongj00ng faster- m close." he breathed and hongj00ng listened, quickly jerking him off until he came with a low moan, body twitching beneath him as cum spilled all over se0nghwx's stomach, dirtying his shirt while also adding to the mess on the couch.

hongj00ng gave se0nghwx a few minutes to breathe before grabbing his hair again "you didn't make me cum yet." and with that he got up, pulling se0nghwx after him.

"get on your knees, baby." he spoke, to which se0nghwx obliged, a whine coming from him when his knees met the now cold puddle of piss on the floor.

hongj00ng pulled his cock out and se0nghwx's mouth watered when he saw the precum leaking out of him. he opened his mouth and took hongj00ng in, his tongue swirling around the head before pushing it to the back of his throat.

hongj00ng's hand found its way back to se0nghwx's hair and he began thrusting into his mouth, already close to his orgasm because-- watching se0nghx piss himself honestly already had him rock hard and ready to cum.

hongj00ng whispered a series of praises when he came, his cum shooting down se0nghwx's throat, the last few drops landing on his red lips when the elder pulled back for air.

"shit, how can a person be so perfect?" hongj00ng spoke, his thumb whiping se0nghwx's lips clean before pulling him up for another deep kiss. "we should do this more often." he continued between soft kisses.

"maybe in the shower next time." se0nghwx replied as he turned to look at the mess he made. "don't worry about that." hongj00ng assured as he gave the taller another sweet kiss on the neck.

"you probably should change your pants though- before they get cold. i have a pair of sweat pants in my locker." and with that he took se0nghwx's hand and guided him out of the room. ♡

thank you anon for this request 💗 if you have any fic suggestions or want to ask me personal questions, my cc is always open 👇

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