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8 AI tools that will save you hours of work:

2/ Resume Worded Online resume and LinkedIn grader instantly scores your resume and LinkedIn profile and gives you detailed feedback on how to get more opportunities and interviews.

3/ Soundraw (@SoundrawUS) Soundraw is a music generator for creators. Select the type of music you want - genre, instruments, mood, length, etc - and let AI generate beautiful songs for you.

4/ Looka (@lookadesign) Design a Logo, make a website, and create a brand identity you’ll love with the power of AI.

7/ Simplified (@sosimplified) Simplified is the time-saving, all-in-one app that your modern marketing team can use for collaboration. Millions of free images, videos, and audio clips, thousands of designer templates and more.

8/ Narakeet (@narakeet) Slides to video, text to voice, 80+ languages, 500+ voices. Natural, realistic text-to-speech online.

Are you a web developer? Or want to become one? Check my pinned tweet (@denicmarko) for some free resources.

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