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10 useful websites that will teach you tech skills for free:

#1 Codeacademy (@codeacademy) Codeacademy is a free website where you can learn all types of development: - Foundations - Python - HTML, CSS and Github - SQL - Java - Javascript

@codeacademy #2 Coursera (@coursera) Coursera has many free courses on topics like: - Sales - Coding - Analytics - Marketing - Algorithms And much more...

@codeacademy @coursera #3 Google Digital Garage Google's digital Garage has tons of free marketing and coding courses. It's got some great courses particularly on SEO & advertising.

@codeacademy @coursera #4 Skillcrush's FREE Coding Camp (@skillcrush) Skillcrushes' free training BootCamp will teach you: - HTML & CSS Essentials - Visual & Web design basics - Javascript 101 - UX basics

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush #5 W3 Schools W3 schools is a website with free coding courses and interactive exercises to help you learn fast. It has coding exercises and courses for front-end, back-end and server-side coding languages.

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush #6 Alison (@Alison_Learning) Alison is a library of free courses on a range of topics including: - Sales - Marketing - Programming - IT Management And much more. Many come with certificates.

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush @Alison_Learning #7 Khan Academy (@khanacademy) Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that hosts courses on: - Maths - Economics - Entrepreneurship - Computer Science - Marketing and Sales

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush @Alison_Learning @khanacademy #8 Dash General Assembly Free interactive coding training even if you have never coded before. Step-by-step exercises to guide you through code.

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush @Alison_Learning @khanacademy #9 Webflow Academy (@webflow) Webflow's academy is one of the best places to learn web design & development. Some example courses: - Full-site build - 21-day Portfolio - Webflow Ecommerce

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush @Alison_Learning @khanacademy @webflow #10 edX (@edXOnline) EDX is a library of courses built by the worldโ€™s best institutions (Harvard, MIT & more). It has a range of courses on topics like: - Maths - Business & management - Programming & Machine learning Many edX courses are free.

@codeacademy @coursera @Skillcrush @Alison_Learning @khanacademy @webflow @edXOnline 11. Thanks for reading! For more content around the tech industry follow us here: @TechMisfitsApp We're launching a networking app for tech professionals soon too! We'd appreciate RTs too to help more techies find these sites๐Ÿ™

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