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NSFW Kiyoomi heard his door creak open, Atsumu was only in a boxer and a t-shirt that was a little too big for him. Atsumu still had not fully opened his eyes. He yawned and scratched his neck. His neck was covered with hickeys and bite marks.

"Morning," Kiyoomi greeted as he scrambled some eggs on a pan. Atsumu stumbled forward and just hummed as he pressed his cheeks against Kiyoomi's back. His arms circled loosely around Kiyoomi's waist.

Kiyoomi lifted his fingers to tangle in the golden locks. "Omi, I want to cuddle." "Come on, you need to eat." Atsumu whined, "Omiiiii." Then Atsumu tipped his toe and lean his head against Kiyoomi's shoulder, his mouth ghosting Kiyoomi's earlobe. "Omi,"

Kiyoomi already knew what Atsumu wanted to say by how rasped his little demon sounded. "Or you can eat me out here and and bent me over the dining table." "I'm still loose from yesterday you know," Atsumu whispered to his ears.

Kiyoomi had to bite his lips to stop himself from grinning. He gazed over the dining table and wondered what sound Atsumu would be making when he bent him over. Maybe someday, but not today.

Because what Atsumu didn't know was Osamu and Suna were sitting there, looking at each other, faces scrunched up with disgust while listening to all the stuff that came out form Atsumu's mouth.

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