The Kyffhäuser Legend Thread

Kyffhäuer mountain in Germany is said to house the sleeping body of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Here the Emperor sleeps, with his beard wrapping around himself, to awaken every century to see if the ravens no longer fly around the mountain. If he sees the ravens he goes back to sleep.

Only when the eagle comes to drive away the ravens will the Emperor awake to descend the mountain to save Germany in its time of need.

I think that this ties into the Birch Tree Prophecy where Western Europe will unite to wage war against “invaders.” A new Holy Roman Emperor would be crowned at the end of this conflict, and a new Golden Age would begin.

There is reason that the German invasion of the Soviet Union was called “Operation Barbarossa”

This legend was edited over the centuries, and its known that in earlier days of history it was actually another Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II(Barbarossa’s grandson) who the legend referred to. Some thought he’d return to restore the Ghibelline movement.

This itself isn’t the origin of this legend tho, as a version of it existed before even Barbarossa was a twinkle in his father’s eye

The original legend concerns the Germanic god Wotan(the German Odin), who fled to the mountain with the spread of Christianity. There he slept to gather intelligence from his ravens, so that he could return someday prepared to drive Christianity from Germany

Kyffhäuser mountain is said to have been a site dedicated to Wotan long before Christianity was even conceived.

Perhaps we can tie the story of Odin/Wotan from the Eddas into the later Birch Tree Prophecy. Particularly the story of Ragnarok? I think likely connection. Both stories see a Divine King wage a war against attackers that eventually results in a new Golden Age

This just my ramblings on the topic. You can read more relating to other versions of this legend across Indo-European(Aryan) societies

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