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⁀➷ mina 🌙 | semi hiatus



#sakuatsu | 1.4k words | a/b/o | α Omi / Ω Atsumu | rating E | Atsumu rides Kiyoomi, then Omi takes over ______ Was it love at first sight? Most certainly not, no. Instead, it was a mild annoyance that soon bloomed into an irritating itch that settled right beneath the tender

flesh of his gums. The first time it happened was in middle school. Then high school. And only after he graduated from college, Kiyoomi realized it had been his alpha reacting to Atsumu all along.

The itch, that unbearable desire – it was a need to sink his teeth into the omega’s soft skin. He wanted to claim. To own. he urging voice somewhere in the darkest corners of his mind kept whispering the word mine. Mineminemineminemine.

Just like a mantra it got hold of his thoughts – until he finally caved and chased Atsumu down. On some days, when he gazed into Atsumu's golden eyes and lost himself in them, he wondered what life would've been like if he had realized his own desires sooner.

He wondered about all the things he could have and would have done with him, and maybe also to him. The thought itself was maddening, the knowledge that he wasted all those years filled him with a raw feeling of frustration.

But he refused to give it any real space to breathe in. Maybe them finding each other after all these years was exactly what they needed. Maybe they weren't meant to be each other's first because they were destined to be each other's last. “Focus on me, Omi. ’m right here.”

Sharp nails dug into the flexing muscles of his abdomen as Atsumu slammed himself down on his throbbing cock. The wanton moan escaping his parted lips sent a dizzying wave of heat through Kiyoom’s body, causing his eyes to roll back with a deep groan.

He wanted to grab Atsumu's hips and flip them over, press him into the sheets with the entirety of his weight and have his way with him. Kiyoomi wanted to be in control when he fucked Atsumu. His alpha demanded it.

In this position however, with his back pressed into the mattress and his hands tied to the headboard, he felt strangely restricted. “Come on,” Kiyoomi growled, his dark eyes trained on the spot where their bodies connected. “Move.”

He emphasized his demand with a particularly hard thrust upwards. Atsumu released a loud whine, his fingernails dragging over the alpha's upper body before he planted both hands on his chest to start rolling his hips. The sight was intoxicating and downright filthy.

With every slide of his cock inside Atsumu’s wet heat, the bone-deep hunger inside him increased. He raised his hips off the sheets to meet the omega halfway, the sound of skin slapping on skin echoing off his pristine white walls.

Atsumu had his eyes closed and head thrown back as he used Kiyoomi's thick length to fuck himself hard and fast, his hips bouncing up and down repeatedly to chase the delicious friction their connected bodies created. And yet it wasn’t enough.

Kiyoomi wanted more, the urge to tear through the tie around his wrists and finally get hold of the omega’s hips suddenly overwhelmed him. His grip on the headboard tightened, his nails digging into wood as he fought his instincts, a growl forming in the back of his throat.

But before it could actually break free, Kiyoomi blinked his blurred vision back into focus, exhaling deeply as Atsumu's fingers brushed along his jawline. The touch was followed by a wet and sloppy kiss that sucked the air right out of him. “Ya feel so good.”

He could feel Atumu’s hitching breath ghost over his mouth. “That big fat cock of yers fills me up so good, hmm.” At that, Kiyoomi angled his hips upwards, pushing himself balls deep into the omega’s tight and willing body.

Atsumu released a high-pitched moan, the movements of his hips stuttering as pleasure surged through him. “A-Ah, Omi!”, Atsumu sobbed into his mouth, arms sneaking around his neck as he kept whimpering against his lips. “This isn’t enough. I need ya to fuck me. Kiyoomi, please.”

The muscles in his jaw tensed as he stared at Atsumu, his black eyes darkening at the sight of the omega’s flushed skin. "Untie me," he said, his voice dropping a few octaves as he yanked on his ties. "Now." And Atsumu did but not with the urgency he would've liked to.

The lazy smile gracing his luscious lips revealed how much he enjoyed teasing the alpha, and it only increased the heat coiling in the pit of his stomach. Kiyoomi regarded him with a dark look and placed both hands on his hips, squeezing the firm flesh right before flipping them

over. The moment Atsumu’s back hit the sheets, he let out a laugh, one of his hands reaching up to brush his fingers along the alpha’s jawline. "Take me," he breathed out, pulling Kiyoomi down for a fleeting kiss. "Fuck me. Show me who I belong to."

He hissed out a curse and rearranged himself, one of his hands sliding up the omega’s body to find his throat. Kiyoomi brushed a thumb over the tender skin, causing Atsumu to arch his neck and expose his scent glands to the alpha.

The act of submission, as small as it was, made his dick twitch and grow in size inside of the omega. “You will be the death of me." There was more he wanted to say but it died on his lips as Atsumu wiggled his hips in an attempt to push Kiyoomi’s cock back inside him.

“Oh? And here I was hopin’ for ya to end me with yer dick.” He wanted to wipe the teasing grin off the omega’s pretty face, and he did – with one sharp snap of his hips. “Watch your words, love,” He growled, his voice so deep and rough he barely recognized himself.

"Or I will take my sweet time with you." Atsumu placed a hand over his and let out a whine in response, his hips lifting in an impatient attempt to meet Kiyoomi's harsh movements. Do you want to cum or not," the alpha said as he slid his gaze down to the very spot their

bodies connected, then, he slowly started bottoming out. "I-I do. Pleasepleasplease don't pull out, Omi. I need ya inside me. Please," he sobbed, his teeth sinking into his lower lip as he clenched around Kiyoomi’s cock to keep the alpha inside him.

(I need a minute. there's more)

Kiyoomi leaned forward, closing the gap between their faces to run his tongue over Atsumu’s lower lip. "Be a good boy and behave then," He whispered, staring at the omega for another moment before deciding to give them both what they wanted.

He forced Atsumu’s thighs apart with his hips, making himself at home between his legs to start with the rough pace he’d been craving all night. With one hand curled tightly around the edge of the headboard, Kiyoomi brought his hips down hard, pushing Atsumu into the mattress

with thrusts so rough they had the framework of the bed creak underneath them. The omega tossed his head from side to side, hands clenching the pillow under his head as he moaned in desire. When the heat within Kiyoomi reached the point of burning him, he began to lose control

of his steady pace, his movements becoming erratic as he started to piston his hips back and forth even faster. Atsumu cried out his name in pleasure and started thrashing underneath him, his walls tightening around Kiyoomi as he reached down to wrap his

fingers around his own leaking erection As he jerked himself off, the movements of his hand messy and desperate, he whispered a breathless 'yesyesyes' and ''m so close, Omi. please' to him.

With his dark eyes trained on Atsumu's face, Kiyoomi began thrusting harder, his pelvis meeting the omega’s hips with repeated wet slaps. Not soon after, Atsumu came with a high-pitched keen, throwing his head back, his walls clenching and unclenching around Kiyoomi's cock

as if trying to milk an orgasm out of him. He felt the heat coil between his loins, making him chase his release with desperate thrusts. He came with a deep moan, his hips meeting the omega’s as he rode out each wave of pleasure, filling Atsumu to the brim with his hot cum.

When he came down from his high, he opened his eyes to a completely fucked out and satisfied Atsumu looking up to him, the corners of his mouth curled up into a blissed-out grin. “Don't think you're off the hook just yet,"

Kiyoomi mumbled, leaning down to press a surprisingly hard kiss to his lips. "I'm gonna fuck you again." He whispered against Atsumu's mouth, his lips curling into a lazy smirk. "And when I'm done with that, I'm gonna fuck you some more." ---- end.

/// never posting anything this long again. I accidentally closed the tab once 😭

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