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THREAD: Aajonus Vonderplanitz is the real life demonstration of BAP's speculations/wisdom about nature and biology. This is why I believe anyone interested in BAP should take Aajonus's actual findings seriously.

First, the idea of the organic, interconnectedness of life (not understood by the medical profession or Scienceβ„’). First two photos are from Bronze Age Mindset, third is from Recipe for Living Without Disease

Second, BAP and Aajonus on experiments (also mentioned in last tweet) First, BAP:

Aajonus on experiments

Aajonus put BAP's ideas on how to truly measure biological processes within human and animal bodies to use decades ago, and his results should make us reconsider what is the natural and unnatural state of human health,

Not only within one individual organism but in connection and symbiosis with the rest of life. It is definitely worth thinking about 🧠

We live in a state of mind of linguistic abstractions, so disconnected from the physical intelligence of *things* from whence this has come. Be reminded of this section from the last photo I attached from BAM,

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