The law of attraction is a simple but powerful concept - Negative emotions & identities attract negative experiences and vice versa. Your entire persona is a spiritual & energetical magnet that's constantly attracting people on the same wavelength.

The circumstances of your life will continue to loop until you begin to ascend in consciousness. If you want a well-balanced relationship, you must first deal with your own insecurities & insufficiencies. Otherwise youll keep attracting similarly broken partners.

Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

The surest way to get manifest your desired reality is to raise your vibration to match it by putting in the work to explore your shadow self. Heres the blueprint to start attracting a better reality;

1 - Identify the harmful habits that are keeping you in a low vibrational state. Gambling, pornography, casual sex, hard drinking and the likes. Viscerally you know the habits that are destroying your life. Break up with them, permanently!

2 - Change your actions: Your present reality is a reflection of the things youve been doing (or avoiding) since the beginning of the year. Likewise, your future is being simulated by your current lifestyle.

Examine your daily routine critically, is it congruent with your desired reality? Hope is an illusion. A dream without deliberate action is a mere wish. You must be intentional with everything you do.

3) Speak positively about yourself: Under no circumstances are you allowed to talk down on yourself. Never belittle yourself, not even as a joke. Your words carry massive vocal energy - and this energy sends reverberations through your consciousness.

Prayers / curses work with words. Incantations work with words. Hypnosis work with words. Affirmations work with words. Never underestimate the power of words;

4) Monitor your thoughts: as a man thinketh so he is is a forever truth. Your experiences are designed by your assumptions of yourself, the people around you and the world at large.

Attempting to change your life's circumstances without first rewriting your mental commentary is like trying to push a rock up a mountain. An organized mind becomes a powerful creative force to its master. A restless mind becomes a dangerous & destructive force to its servant.

To organize your mind - you must watch it alertly like a sniffer dog. But instead of looking for cocaine, you're passionately searching for the unconscious beliefs and impending identities that you've adopted.

Deny all negative thoughts entry into your psyche. And even if they manage to sneak in, sniff them out and eliminate them immediately.

Fate is what happens to people who don't learn to conduct their lives consciously. The law of attraction isn't a magic spell. It demands a great responsibility unto oneself, and a greater devotion to your ideal future self...

The Self-sufficiency system will help you - reprogram your subconscious mind - eradicate your harmful habits - master your emotions - become consistently disciplined - channel your inner creativity (only 21 Days). Get in;

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