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bkdk wherein deku has been known to fall asleep randomly. he’s guilty of burning the candle at both ends, so he’s accidentally conked out on the common room couch, at his dorm room desk, or once—memorably—right at the kitchen table. kacchan is always the one who wakes him,

grousing about his awful sleep schedule & herding him back to his room under his scowling, watchful eye. kacchan barks at him to brush his teeth & makes sure he gets in bed for real, phone charging & a glass of water at his bedside before he makes his exit, grumbling as he goes.

deku snuggles under the covers and hides his blush in the cool darkness of his room, always oddly touched to be the subject of kacchan’s mother hen tendencies. the blonde has always been more a man of action than words, and in these times, his affection and care are obvious

in the way he prods and scolds and always makes sure deku remembers to wear his mouthguard (they both tend to grind their teeth in their sleep—nightmares). Its always deku who passes out at random, body demanding proper rest. So its a surprise when one night,

when the two of them are the last ones in the common room studying for Aizawa’s hellish midterm, that deku turns to ask Kacchan a question and is met with the sight of his friend leaning heavily against the couch at their backs, blonde head lolled to the side and eyes closed.

“kacchan?” deku whispers carefully, leaning in closer. his breaths are coming gentle and slow, and his arms are folded against his chest as he slumbers. deku swallows a fond sigh at the sight of him, brows furrowed and dark circles painted underneath his eyes.

the last few weeks have been brutal. he and kacchan are both on evening patrols with endeavor for their work study, & kacchan has been staying up later to fit in his usual training. plus, deku knows he’s been helping kaminari & ashido study for exams—for all his annoyed bluster,

he wouldnt stand to see his friends fail. all to say, deku knows kacchan must be exhausted. kacchan is amazing, hard working and dilligent and usually extremely careful with his regimented bedtime—so its perhaps unsurprising that he’s nodded off with it so interrupted lately.

deku stands, closing both their notebooks and study guides and carefully—ever so carefully—lofts kacchan up into a princess carry. (Its the most efficient and least jostling way to do it, give him a break!!) he makes his way slowly up the stairs, eyes flitting down

every so often to check on kacchan. he looks so tired and feels so warm and heavy in his arms—a slumbering beast. deku is used to seeing him vulnerable, has carried kacchan in his arms before. but here and now, in the silent dorms, cupping the back of kacchan’s knees

and carrying him to bed… deku’s face sizzles red. its feels intimate in a way that makes his chest squeeze. its even more embarrassing to fish in kacchan’s sweatpants pocket for his keys (and resolutely NOT linger there), unlocking kacchan’s door and setting him down

gently on the bed. deku spared a last look at kacchan, now spread out and comfortable on his black bedspread, before he turns to leave. Of course, thats when an arm reaches out to grab at the sleeve of deku’s hoodie, preventing him from going any further.

deku twists his head to see kacchan looking at him, one eye blearily open to stare up at deku. “deku,” he rasps out. deku represses the urge to shover—something about kacchan’s voice fresh from sleep, all seep and gritty, makes him go fuzzy and excited inside. Stupid.

“sorry kacchan—you passed out downstairs, but i know you hate sleeping outside of your bed. i’ll leave you to it—“ deku whispers, sparing a small smile and hoping the darkness hides his blush. kacchan grunts in annoyance, twisting his hands tighter into deku’s sleeve.

“No. Stay,” he grumbles sleepily, tugging /firmly/ until deku stumbles closer, bracing his other hand against the mattress to stop himself from falling into kacchan’s bed. “k-kacchan?!” he squeaks. “Y’heard me,” kacchan slurs sleepily. “Get. In,” he says, sleepy but tone firm.

deku gulps, stepping out of his slippers and climbing up. he can feel his heart about to beat out of his /throat/, but he just whimpers embarrassingly as kacchan grabs him around the waist and bullies him under the covers. kacchan spoons him in so close that his knees

notch right in the hollows of deku’s, and he tangles their feet together even as he mutters about deku’s being “like blocks of ice, what the fuck, nerd.” that makes deku giggle and relax a little, his traitorous body settling right in like a contented cat.

kacchan is big and warm at his back, and deku all but groans when he slings a large arm around deku’s waist to rest, proprietary, around his waist. kacchan lets out a sweet, low rumble, nuzzling his face into deku’s nape and exhaling softly before he goes boneless.

deku hears his soft snores not a moment later, and he huffs out a laugh. Even with his hummingbird heart and his spiraling thoughts, deku is helpless against sleep of his own. he sinks into it, comfortable and guiltily happy to be in kacchan’s arms,

even if it is just the product of a sleepy delusion on the blonde’s part. in the morning deku wakes to watery sunlight and muted birdsong—and, um, something hard pressed against his back that he resolutely, 100% ignores—for both their sanity. he starts to wiggle away slowly—

but of course, kacchan’s firm arm just clutches him tighter, and deku is accutely and miserably aware that his bedmate is awake as they both still. theres a loaded moment of silence, until— “Thought i told you to stay,” kacchan murmurs, pressing his lips to deku’s neck.

Deku shivers at the vibration against the sensitive skin, blinking repeatedly. kacchan huffs and nuzzles into his mess of curls. “A… are you sure?” Deku says, voice fragile as he considers what lies between them. The boundary hes crossing with the question.

in response, kacchan grabs his chin, glares at him, and presses firm lips right against deku’s own, opening his mouth to swallow deku’s shocked gasp right up. Its a sticky while before they part, and with lovely lidded eyes and a slash of smirk, kacchan huffs a laugh.

“I dont let just anyone in my bed. Idiot,” he says plainly. deku squeaks & hides his face, squirming—which makes kacchan groan throatily & roll his hips, and after that—well, suffice to say, its a good thing its sunday, because they dont leave kacchan’s bed for a long time.

when they do resurface, kaminari & mina screech in delight at the hopeless hickies decorating both their throats. kacchan threatens them with no more tutoring (and bodily harm).

deku just smiles, honestly unapologetic for once, far too busy with the giddy realization that the next time he falls asleep on the couch kacchan can just carry them both off to bed. ***

this is riddled with typos and approximately 100 instances of the word “sleepy” but listen. Soft boys important and good ✨

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